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Ashley TATA

United States
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I am an independent freelance international English Instructor who is seeking a teaching opportunity. I have several years of experience teaching English to students from different ages, nationalities and backgrounds. I speak native English and am in the process of learning of French so I understand the struggles of learning a new language. I would like to assist your company to continue to achieve excellence by offering my knowledge, work experience, and personal skills in your available opportunity.

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Hello! I focus on English speakers who want to improve their English professionally or academically. I can help you with your resume, your next big project or interview, or your academic papers. I have been teaching for over 7 years. I love teaching and helping people improve their English skills. After years of study at University of Michigan, Dearborn, MI (USA)I began teaching public speaking and English in US. I have helped a variety of people with English, from school age children, to college students to doctors and business people. I love helping people find their voice, both in writing and speaking. I can help you learn English fast! My experience includes working with business people in Vietnam, professionals at City College of San Francisco, teaching English as a Second Language to K-8 children in Vietnam, and tutoring K-12 children in a Community Center in San Francisco. Many of the people I have worked with over the years have had real obstacles to expressing themselves through written and spoken English. My happy job is to help people overcome those obstacles through a three-fold practice: thinking about what you want to say, executing what you want to say in an environment where it's ok to make mistakes, and feeling the accomplishment of expressing yourself and communicating in English. English like any other skill is about practice. I like to use realia, or real life objects or situations in my teaching so students can learn as fast as possible how to communicate in English. I structure my lessons upon what your needs as students of English are. I often become friends with my students, which is an added bonus of my work. I have experience working in Asia, the United States and Latin America. I’ve helped beginner, teenagers, business people and college students. I've taught hundreds of people speak, write and think better in English. I’d love to help you too!
Professional Experience Hanmi IBT — Seoul, South Korea Freelance Online English Instructor, 2016-current • Creates weekly teaching lessons • Builds relationships with students and parents • Tracks progression of students learning • Online lessons via Skype • Lessons offered from beginners to professionals business Health South Rehabilitation Hospital — Brooksville, FL (USA) Corporate Training Specialist, 2010-2016 • Managed all training for staff on all functional areas within the business office • Assigned team to weekly tasks and reviewed information upon completion • Hosted training classes and individual training sessions • Team leader for all on-boarding processes of new employees • Assisted Director with creation of process flows and special assignments • Subject matter expert in all billing and collection processes for government, commercial, workers compensation • Prepared financial reports, budget analysis reports, and internal audits • Educated hospital staff to submit appeals and formal grievances • Hosted weekly conference calls between business office and hospital financial team Personal Teacher — Brooksville, FL (USA) Home Teacher for children from 4 to 16 years old, 2008-2016 • Homework — Alphabet, numbers, writing, math, science and literature • Created weekly schedules • Built relationships with parents and reported progression • Helped organize lesson plans Metro Medical Equipment — Livonia, MI (USA) Accounts Receivable, 2009-2010 • Responsible for the accounts receivable, account reconciliation, collection calls and billing • Verified insurance and obtained authorizations • Provided weekly reports to upper management of finances • Educated staff on billing procedures • Prepared monthly billing statements and mailed invoices Expeditors International of Washington Inc. — Romulus, MI (USA) Accounting Agent, 2007-2009 • Performed and Documented Collection Calls • Handled daily wire transfers and check deposits • Resolution of disputed invoices • Reviewed and paid vendor invoices • Answered switchboard, filing, mailing, and helped with travel arrangements
  • Education Pasco Hernando State College, Spring Hill, FL (USA) Wayne County Community College, Taylor, MI (USA) University of Michigan, Dearborn, MI (USA)

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    Giáo viên nhiệt tình, đúng giờ, phát âm dễ nghe, đường truyền mạng tốt. Cám ơn Cô giáo xinh gái và là bạn của con gái mịnh 5 tuổi. Cám ơn Trung tâm ạ

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    OK Thanks

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    Bé rất thích gặp cô Askley, thích học với thầy chứ ko phải ép buộc gì hết. Do bé còn nhỏ nên thầy cũng rất nỗ lực dạy bé, chịu khó lắng nghe bé. Mình rất hài lòng về cô và nhiều bạn bè cũng muốn học như 2 bé nhà mình.

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    Mấy chị bạn cho con học ở đây nên mình cũng cho con học, mới học nên chưa biết nói gì

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    Giáo viên nhiệt tình, đúng giờ, phát âm dễ nghe, đường truyền mạng tốt. Cám ơn Cô giáo xinh gái và là bạn của con gái mịnh 5 tuổi

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    Mình ở quá xa trung tâm, làm việc ở trong khu công nghiệp, nên việc đi lại là mất thời gian, có người bạn giới thiệu cô Ashley dạy hay rồi dk học , cô dạy hay nhé mọi người. 3 tháng tiếng anh mình khác hẳn

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    Cô giáo dạy hay và tận tâm. Thường xuyên giao bài tập về nhà giúp con làm tốt hơn, điểm số ở trường cũng được cải thiện.

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    Cô dạy tốt, nhiệt tình với con nhà mình, bé rất thích học. Mình cảm thấy hài lòng với khóa học của con.

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    cô giáo thật tuyệt với,không chê vào đâu được (y)

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