Da Vinci"s Demons will soon come khổng lồ its epic conclusion, but that might not be the final chapter if creator David S Goyer has anything to vì chưng with it.

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The Man of Steel writer told Digital Spy that he intends to lớn bring it back in a few years" time when Leonardo domain authority Vinci is over a decade older.


"There"s a possibility we could vì chưng a fourth season in a couple of years," he said. "There"s an idea that takes place 15 years later.

"Say we did it four or five years later, it would be a self-contained eight-episode thing. We may still vày that, as it takes place during the Bonfire of the Vanities."

However, Goyer also reassured fans of the show that it will definitely have a satisfying ending in case it doesn"t come back.


"This has closure. For the fans, it"s hard to bởi a good ending. You hate those shows that don"t kết thúc because they got yanked. This isn"t that. We debated whether or not this would be an end. Fans will be really satisfied with the end."

The historical fantasy drama stars Tom Riley in a fictional version of da Vinci"s early life. Shot in Wales, its 10-episode third và final season will be made available in full online via Stars in the US on October 24.

The final season will launch in the UK on FOX from Sunday, October 25.

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Starz recently announced that the upcoming third season of Da Vinci’s Demons will be the period drama’s last. The series, which has been off the air for almostyear & a half, has been a respectable performer, so the decision to over it before seeing how Season 3 does was somewhat of a surprise.

It came down to having stronger shows that appeal khổng lồ the same demographics, CEO Chris Albrecht said. “We really believe in serving underserved audiences in the premium cable space,” he said, noting the network’s success with female-oriented The white Queen and Outlander & black-skewing comedy Survivor’s Remorse. “The key ishaving shows that target a specific audience that becomes really passionate about the show.”

Albrecht said he loved Da Vinci’s cast và loved working with series creator David S. Goyer but noted Goyer’s busy feature schedule, which led to a showrunner transition on the showafter the first two seasons.

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Meanwhile, “We have the success with Black Sails,which in some ways appeals to some of the same audiences, và while we have a lot of tín đồ boys forDa Vinci’s Demons, we have what may bethe fan boy series of all time inAsh vs. The Evil Dead.

The decision lớn end domain authority Vinci’s Demons was madeafter Season 3 was shot, so the producers didn’t necessarily plan the season finale as a series finale. Still, Albrecht promises “a very satisfying conclusion” và a satisfying way for fans to get khổng lồ it by getting access tothe entire final season on-demand the day of the premiere.

He says that “if we didn’t stop now, the story should’ve gone through the next point, and we would’ve been in it for at least a couple of more seasons.”

Starz brass ultimately decided that now was a good time to over the show. “There is no bad news here,” Albrecht said, disagreeing with the c-word (as in cancellation) used for a show lượt thích Da Vinci’s Demons.

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“The show ran its course. If a show runs for 3 seasons, it doesn’t mean it’s not a success, especially in the premium space.”

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