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Size: 1.27GB
Elana Champion of Lustis a game where you will have to lớn bring back the natural order lớn an island where the people have lost và forgotten all about lust và passions.You will control Elana, a fairy who has found the energy of lust and passion that was once removed from the people..

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Codes Ch.1To enter the debug codes now you"ll have to press the key "Enter" & an đầu vào text box will apear. Once the code is typed press enter again to lớn activate it.· Type "kgsupernatural" & all actions will always succeed.· Type "kgopensesame" lớn get access to the gallery.· Type "kgtalented" lớn get a full bar of expireince.· Type “kgfriends” lớn always see singular characters (after you have 20% of influence in the area)· Type "kgmakeitrain" lớn get 999 coins.· Type "kgkillthemall" to kill all enemys with one hit.· Type "kgreset" lớn remove debug codes (things lượt thích the skills purchased will remain activated).Codes Ch.2Press 0 on numpad then enter the following codekgprodigy: supernaturalkgprodigy - analog of "kgsupernatural" in alpha 1.4.6​kggreenbar: experience = 100000kggreenbar - 100k EXP​kgallthings: show gallerykgallthings - Gallery​kginsertcoin - 500Glake flower: pujar
Area("Bosc")lake flower - 100% Influence in Forest​play a game: pujar
Area("Granja")play a game - 100% Influence in Farm​preparing snacks: pujar
Area("Mercat")preparing snacks - 100% Influence in Market​night in the room: pujar
Area("Taverna")night in the room - 100% Influence in Tavern​just relax: pujar
Area("Cases")just relax- 100% Influence in Houses​church: pujar
Area("Esglesia")church - 100% Influence in Church​e
Fury: crea
Pride: crea
Happy: crea
Envy: crea
Esperit("envy")kginsertcoin: Dades
Partida.DADA().diners + 500to the barracks: pujar
Area("Castell")to the barracks - 100% Influence in castle​
Elana, Champion of Lust. Chapter 3.Final version!After all this time Elana"s saga is finally complete. It"s been an amazing experience which not lacked difficulties but thanks lớn your amazing tư vấn it"s been possible. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.· If any major bug appears (blocks progress or something lượt thích this) we"ll still adjust the versions.Updates:· Fixed & adjusted the intro.· Now when you activate a menu the time in the game stops.· Now the characters don"t show their name on their heads.· Now the objects from the worlds you don"t need anymore disappear from the inventory.· Adjusted some backgrounds for some events.· Fixed some problems with the animations in the academy.· Added sound khổng lồ all the scenes that should have sound.· Fixed the places when you had to click two times when only one click was necessary.· Fixed texts for Candy minigame.· Now the objects have name in the inventori.· Properly "close" all characters once completed or once they reach certain màn chơi (Mostly make sure the game knows that the characters are exactly at the point the player has seen it should be).· Adjusted Dystopia interface.· Adjusted the "influence" on several characters.· Adjusted the ending (visuals, sounds, music và loads).· Fixed some movements between worlds making Elana appear where it should as well as some adjustment when changing the area inside the worlds.· Fixed some sound bugs that maintained some sound layers after the combat or certain events.· Now the enemies show their level.· Added all facial expressions left.· Fixed a possible game crashing bug with Fanny và Tassa.· Aly và Lily sự kiện in the academy now is automatically triggered.· Added credits.· Many Many other small bug/glitch fixes.Chapter 3 1.6.1 Beta· Bug fixes, a lot of them. Everything reported should be fixed plus a lot of small và some times not visible things around the worlds. We have done a swept world by world optimising and fixing everything we"ve been able lớn find.· Added around 50 images for the academy. Images for the gym, Kaeryn, Jenara, Nightfort class và Moonstruck class.· Adjusted facial expressions of some worlds.· Added a pop-up lớn allow the player to keep wandering around Jane"s world without closing it, if wanted. A button appears in the đứng đầu right of the screen to close it at any time. Chapter 3 2.1 Alpha· Added new system khổng lồ enter the codes khổng lồ make it work for apk version.·Now the assets of the trò chơi load before starting the game, which prevents some previous loading issues, although it may take some seconds khổng lồ load (depending on your machine). Since there is still no loading bar, if the game shows you a đen screen for a while, don"t worry, the trò chơi should start soon.· Added some sounds and greeting sounds (some from: https://missmoonified.newgrounds.com/ ), but most of them are just experiments và not properly in place.· Now you can control the volume of the sfx và the music separately (although it could need some rearrangement).· Some fixes here and there.· Added Excess world (the arrow lớn go there appears in the lust zone after completing the first world).· Added about 140 events for the excess world.· Added 80+ images for events of the excess world + 6 new backgrounds.· Added 2 animations for the excess world· Added 17 new avatars for characters.· Added 16 new avatars for characters.Chapter 3 1.9 Alpha· Added minigame và ending of Candy world. Once you complete the world the minigame will start. This time the minigame is rather simple, but is something we wanted to vì since chapter 2 & we think it can still be enjoyable. Even so, don"t worry we have plenty of minigames more complex planned for other worlds.· Now when you complete a world, their characters will appear in the academy lớn be used in the lessons. Note: Dystopia characters doesn"t disappear right now but they can still be found in the academy.· Now when you complete Jane"s tutorial for in principal"s office in the academy (which will need lớn be adjusted in the future, with the correct texts & images) a button lớn manage the academy will appear.· Instead of show the slide show of images of Lashy và lodred with the students, this time, in order khổng lồ see the scenes, you"ll have khổng lồ schedule the lessons in this management button.· There you"ll have the basic subjects but you"ll be able khổng lồ purchase new subjects, as well as more classroom buildings (in future there will be more buildings but are not implemented yet).· Also you"ll have a section to lớn manage the schedule of lessons, picking certain teacher, students, lesson certain time and classroom. If you pick a teacher or a group of students that is already already scheduled for the same hour in another classroom, a pop-up will show up lớn warn you, telling you that they are already selected.· Added a bar that shows if the students and teachers are in lesson time or free time. Although now nothing happens during the không lấy phí time.· If you go at the time you scheduled to lớn the classes, you"ll find an icon on it telling you which lessons is inside và if you enter you"ll find the ragdolls of the students và the teachers. If you click on them and they already have an image for the lesson, it will appear (in future with a short event) but if not a place holder will show up.· Right now you can"t gain lust power, but we have added enough so you can kiểm tra the academy management a little, even if not completed yet.· Lodred & lashy, Tina, Jane"s world students & dystopia students have image for the basic lessons & in order lớn test, Lashy và Lodred have an animation for the “group" lesson, although in future it will not be triggered there because you"ll have to cấp độ up the teachers in order khổng lồ get animations.· Added gallery. Right now only available for 10$+ patrons with a debug code but for next version it will be open from the beginning and the images và animations will get unlocked as you find them in the game.Content summary:About 43 new images and 1 animation.Known bugs:·Once you complete Dystopia world the character appear in the academy but doesn"t disappear from Dystopia.·If you don"t select a lesson for a certain hour & class but you select teachers or students it can give problems.Gallery code: kgabrakadabra
Chapter 3 1.5.5Alpha
Added 14 New characters (2 of them are double) with their own rag dolls & avatar with facial expression for the Dystopia world.· Added 61 Images (15 character Avatars, 14 Characters ragdolls, 32 Events).· Added 3 Animations.· Added around 175 new events. (+20.000 words that equals 60-80 book pages approx.).· Added titles above the rag dolls of the characters with their name. The titles are shown when pressing alternative text or by pointing them with the mouse.· Background music adjusted. (Only two main themes now, more themes will be added in the future)· Sound volume error when running the trò chơi fixed.· Pathfinder mechanics (when Jane/Elana rag doll’s move across the areas) improved to adjust better to lớn the background.· Zone Camera adjusted (Player point view)· Smooth transitions through the areas (now it fades in black from one lớn another). · · ·· Background Blur when interacting with the characters.NOTES:-The world of dystopia can be completed until the last character from the palace. Still, the last event can be started, but the final mini-game và the closure of the world will be fully implemented in the next release together with the new content.- Ailyn starting event when she asks Elana to vày 3 quests, related khổng lồ Doh’ly, Farms & Trate, two of them (Doh’ly và Farms) won’t disappear from the sự kiện despite you’ve completed them, still, once you’ve completed the three quests (and therefore, the whole event), the character will progress as intended and the event will be closed.+We"ve fixed some minor issues of the first world, but there are some others (not really impactful on the game) that we have in mind to fix on the upcoming releases.-When seeing a fade in black or a large "cinematic" event, try lớn not click on the screen, because that still gives the command to lớn walk khổng lồ Elana"s rag doll and makes her move, despite the map routes are not established, making Elana walk out of the roads và turning the fairy into a silly astronaut of the endless clouds.Chapter 3 1.2Alpha· Added all character of the starting area with their ragdolls & avatars except for the avatar of Wanabequinn (the expressions in the events will probably be adjusted in future. Also there are some aesthetics adjustments to bởi here, for example Ari"s avatar could be duplicated depending on which action you choose or an image of Lord Smither is misplaced).· Added all images/animation of the characters of the starting area.· Added a sound (laugh) khổng lồ know when a character"s progress has advanced và you have to lớn figure out the next step to lớn influence them (placeholder).If you choose the right kích hoạt to take, according khổng lồ the character you"re speaking with, a female laugh will be heard, and a new interaction (weather it is asking a favor or asking lớn play some games) will be available. .· Added a basic U.I. Options và the possibility khổng lồ switch the language to lớn Spanish.· Added all objects of the initial area (there is no inventory yet but all work as if it was. You can find objects in the background of the areas or obtain them from the characters).· Added music (still place holders).BETA 1.7Updates:We know we said this versions would cause no problems with the old saves but because of the changes we made it can cause bugs. We still leaved the option lớn load them but know that this could happen (also if you where in an advanced part of the chapter, you will not be able to watch new content :p).The combat it"s been tested but, since we have added potions that adds effects lớn the combat, we"ve been forced to lớn adjust a little the combat. We"ve not found any bug but there is a chance that those could appear và we"ll keep doing some testing. Also we would appreciate a lot if, in case you find any bug, you report it khổng lồ us.Added some sounds.Bugs fixed.Now all info is included in the journal instead of being separated (info of the villagers, enemies, allies but also now, the cảnh báo Elana finds in the church và the danh sách of recipes as well as the failed combinations).Quest log adjusted. Now the quests over when they have to, Jane"s quest doesn"t show a new step until you unlock it và when you mở cửa the quest log the new quest will appear with a notification.All user interface of the thực đơn has been adjusted.Now when you catch the shadow fairies using the extra ethereal jar you can buy in the renegades camp during night, you can use them through the inventory.After completing the chain of events of the lady of shadows you call her through an amulet in the inventory which unlocks the gallery.The ingredients for the recipes has changed và now it doesn"t matter the order you put them in the lab machine (also as said you can check the recipes và the failed combinations in the journal). Now the potions you can craft work as well as some amulets but a couple of them
Added the archives in the castle with 6 events. This area gets unlocked at the kết thúc of the chain of events of the king & the queen. At the end of the chain of events of the archives you can get reward going back lớn the area ( a potion, lust power, a recipe for the lab in the academy...).Added 3 events in the hot springs.Added 5 events in the elven đô thị (this events appear after watching the final event of the elven queen).Added events from the polls. One event in the elven city, one in the houses during the day, one in the houses during the night, one in the castle during the night & one in the forest during the night.Added 3 images for the events in the academy during the day.Added 1 images for the events in the forest during the day.Added 1 images for the events in the houses during the day.Added 5 images for the events in the castle during the day.Added 1 images for the events in the houses during the night
Added 1 images for the events in the castle during the night.Added 1 images for the events in the Alaina"s chain of events.Added 2 images for the events of the guards during the night.Added 27 images for the events of the merfolks & the octopus people.Added 9 images for the events of the wild people.Added 2 images for the events of the male elves.Added 10 images for the events of the female elves.Added 3 images for the events of the hot springs.Added 2 images for the events of the dark fairies.Added 4 images for the events of the renegades camp.Added 3 images for the events of the renegades village.Added 5 images for the events in the archives in the castle.Added 1 image for the events of the lady of shadows.Added 10 images for the final outfits of the workers in the tavern.Added the images of the conditioning of the tavern.Gallery updated.BETA 1.6Added & fixed some sounds.· Fixed pop-ups for the management of the followers of Elana.· Fixed bug at the kết thúc of the intro.· Fixed bug that made restart the chain of events of Kaeryn and now her chain can be finished (included the events from the polls that should had appeared in the previous version).· Fixed a bug that made the game break when some attacks with effects like stun were used on Hulbert while he had his protection bubble.· Text revised in the main areas during day & night except for the church (if you find any error or typo & you want to lớn tell us we"ll be happy lớn fix it).· Changed menus interface. Now you access the menus through a button in the đứng top right of the screen. Main changes:- Now in Elana"s section you can change between day và night & not just night likebefore.- Inventory increased and divided between regular items & quest items. There is a littlearrow in the sides of the screen lớn change between them but it"s not the final version.We are still working in the looks & the functionalities of this part. Also in thequest items section, now you can see a button with all the essences of the spirits andknow you"ll just need one bottle to lớn collect them. Also when you watch the details of theitems in both sections, you"ll see a button with the word "accio." This is only because itis under construction and it only closes the pop-up of the details.- Combat section added. There you can see the combat stats and change the positions ofthe spirits for the combats.- In the spirits section you"ll see the spirits you have and if you click on them you"ll seetheir main image, their stats & a button to lớn heal them using one of their essences (westill have to showroom information và functionalities in this section).· Added the images for the attacks of the spirit of wisdom & hunger, the image for the times Elana regenerates her stamina, magic or energy in combat & the icons for, the bards attacks, Loola"s attacks và wisdom attacks (beside the icons, 8 images).· Added 3 animations for the sex actions of villagers with villagers when you send the followers of Elana to influence other villagers. When you send a villager to influence another villager, it shows randomly the foreplay action or the sex action but in future we"ll showroom the possibility khổng lồ choose what action you want the villager to perform.· Added 1 animation for a day sự kiện of the church.· Added 1 animation for a day event of the academy.· Added 7 images for day events of the academy.· Added 1 image for a day sự kiện of the church.· Added 2 images for day events of the market.· Added 5 images for night events of the academy.· Added 5 images for night events of the forest.· Added 2 images for night events of the houses.· Added 6 images for night events of the castle.· Added 3 images for night events of the church.· Added 6 images for night events of the farms.· Added 2 images for night events of the market.· Added 6 images for night events of the tavern.· Gallery updated.Alpha 1.8.2· Added the events for the wild people with more or less 23 events and 19 images. The area have two possible endings but the rewards of the endings are not implemented yet.· Added a minigame with 3 stages lớn move forward with the area of the wild people.· to complete the area you’ll also need lớn visit the blacksmith (3-4 events), và have the magic amulet lớn collect ingredients (questlog explain it step by step).· Added Morrow (sponsored by Morrow) with 5 events và 2 images. There is one image left but the part of the trò chơi when it should appear it’s not yet in the game. Her chain of events begin the second time you go lớn the east of the island. Two of the events trigger only by walking there, then there is a clickable sự kiện in the path khổng lồ the east (same place where their first events triggers). & then you’ll have lớn complete the first stage of the minigame khổng lồ be able lớn see her two last events.· Questlog updated.
A new badge of animations is ready & available for influenced mage/noble tiers and above!There is still quite some work to do to complete Lustvampyres but we can already set an approximate date of release which we estimate khổng lồ be during June (we think the work could be ready during the first week of June, so probably it will kết thúc us taking the second or third week given our poor estimation skills... June in any case! XD)Have a nice weekend!
Do you like our games & want lớn help us lớn make possible continue doing them?
Please consider becoming one of our patrons.But you can helps us too without spending any money by liking & sharing our content! :Dhttps://www.patreon.com/eivonline.edu.vnhttps://twitter.com/elana_official

Hi everyone!First of all browser versions are back online (We had a problem with Elana, chapter 3, and Arena but they will be up on Monday).Also, we just published 13 more animations for Lustvampyres & this time the Lustvampyres are beginning khổng lồ show their true malevolence.Next week we"ll continue with more animations & probably Mewy we"ll start showing up too.Have a nice weekend!Do you lượt thích our games and want to help us khổng lồ make possible continue doing them?
Please consider becoming one of our patrons.But you can helps us too without spending any money by liking & sharing our content! :Dhttps://www.patreon.com/eivonline.edu.vnhttps://twitter.com/elana_official
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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Quick cảnh báo and random event

Hi everyone!

First of all, we want to lớn let you know that we are doing some changes with the server were we upload the browser versions of the game and those versions will be down at least until Friday & Monday tops.Random event:

"Astan goes lớn the bathroom before going to sleep and finds that Nere is putting on some creams & fixing her hair so it won"t be too messy in the morning.

Nere: Again? can"t you wait even ten minutes?

Astan: I drank a lot of wine at dinner... I can"t stand it...

Nere: It"s ok...

Astan approaches the toilet và when he is about lớn start relieving himself, Nere grabs him from behind & starts masturbating him và licking his ear.

Astan: Nere, what are you doing...?! I"m...

Nere: So you"ll learn not to lớn sneak into the bathroom when a lady is in there....

Astan: Nere, if it gets hard I won"t be able khổng lồ control the...! You"re going to lớn make a big mess...! Nere!

From the master bedroom comes Sal"s voice.

Xem thêm: Hướng dẫn cách tìm file trên máy tính cực nhanh trên win 10, 7

Sal: Clean everything well before coming lớn bed, honey!

Astan: Let Nere clean it up, she"s the guilty one!

Nere: Have you finished peeing? Good night.

Astan: With the mess you"ve made, at least finish what you"ve started! ... Ah... She"s already gone... Sal? Can you give me a hand?