It only took 15 episodes into season 11 of The Big Bang Theory, but the Sheldon Cooper redemption tour is finally underway. This season Sheldon has been remarkably different from seasons 9 & 10 in terms of tone, behavior, & growth. For a character that's already extreme in his ways, it's been a bit jarring. That bewilderment has extended to lớn his fiancé Amy Farrah Fowler as well, who has seemingly compromised any self respect by putting up with Sheldon's insensitive and, frankly, sexist behavior this season.

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Of course, these were never two characters known for their tact, so lớn expect them to lớn parade around Pasadena (or their apartment) with the social graces of Prince William and Duchess Kate was never going to lớn happen. But after all the growth that took place the last few seasons, I thought at the start of this season that Shamy was more than ready lớn enter into marriage and a life together...until that all fell apart.

But in tonight's episode, "The Novelization Correlation," Sheldon was forced khổng lồ look hard at his behavior when Wil Wheaton's version of the Professor Proton show debuts. For context, this was Sheldon's favorite show growing up, & Professor Proton was his idol. When the series was rebooted, Sheldon wanted nothing more than to get the gig—but it went to lớn Wheaton instead. Cue feelings of anger, disappointment, and disbelief. In Sheldon's defense, who wouldn't feel that way?

When Sheldon actually watches (OK, hate watches) the new version of Wheaton's Proton, he surprisingly likes it—until Howard shows up on the show. When Sheldon asks Amy why Howard didn't tell him he'd be making a guest appearance, Amy guesses that Howard was probably worried Sheldon would be a big baby about it. (Truth.) Later, Howard tells Sheldon he's going to have to apologize lớn Wil if he wants to be on the show, & Sheldon obliges.

In a moment of actual sincerity, Sheldon—with a reluctant Howard in tow—shows up at Wheaton's to lớn say he's sorry. Just when it seems his apology worked, Wil says he'd like Amy lớn come on the show because he'd lượt thích to feature more female scientists. Preach.

Of course, Sheldon is taken aback and tries to negotiate himself as part of a package giảm giá khuyến mãi with Amy, telling Wheaton that "wouldn't it be nice khổng lồ have us both on lớn show that female scientists can land a man?" (This is still Sheldon we're talking about, after all.) Howard's dumbfounded reaction perfectly summed up the correct response khổng lồ such nonsense. And if Sheldon had any hope of getting on Wheaton's show following his "apology," this certainly drove the nail right through that coffin.

When Sheldon returns trang chủ and asks Amy if she wants khổng lồ be on the new Professor Proton, Amy tells him she's not really interested. "I’m all for promoting women in science," she says, "But…I know you have strong feelings about Professor Proton, and I don’t want to get in the middle of that.”

There's so much wrong with that statement—namely, the fact that Amy is going lớn bypass touting her own achievements (again!)—to spare Sheldon's feelings. Not only would this be a great showcase for her, but, as Wheaton pointed out, it would draw attention to more female scientists. Season 9 or 10 Amy would never have thought twice. But just as I was about lớn give up with Sheldon và Amy, we had a breakthrough:

Sheldon: "So, you're not going to vày something because you think it might upset me?"

Amy: "It's tricky, because answering that question honestly is one of the things I tend not to vì because it upsets you."

Sheldon: "Well, that's very upsetting."

Amy: "Like I said."

Sheldon: “What other things don’t you do because of me?”

Amy: “Remember last week when we went to that dueling piano bar I was so excited about?”

Sheldon: “No.”

Amy: “Well, now you’re getting it.”

Later, Sheldon tells Howard and Raj that he's upset Amy often doesn't vì things because she's afraid of his reaction. Howard points out that it's not sometimes, it's "always." Raj says it's not just Amy that doesn't bởi things because of Sheldon, it's "everybody." Howard adds that this is nothing new—everyone feels this way. Sheldon is shocked and questions if everyone walks on egg shells around him khổng lồ spare his feelings. For the first time all season, it seems as though Sheldon finally has begun to lớn understand the magnitude—and consequences—of his ways. "I don't want my relationship with Amy to be like that. I can change," he says. The guys doubt it, but Sheldon is determined to prove them otherwise.


After a childish trò chơi of chess at home that night (Sheldon's doing, of course), he finally tells Amy he's sorry. "I'm trying to lớn show you I can change," he says. "I don't want you khổng lồ miss out on things because of me. Maybe somewhere out there, there’s a little girl who will see you on Wil’s show & realize that she too can grow up khổng lồ be a brilliant, amazing, successful scientist.” (Where has this Sheldon been hiding?!)

It's not the most perfect apology—Sheldon naturally throws in some jabs about Amy's chess game, because, well, he's Sheldon—but it's the most sincere words to come out of his mouth all season. It's also proof that he doesn't have to be a jackass to create story. I'd much rather watch this Sheldon than whoever was spoon-fed to lớn us lately.

When Sheldon & Amy gather around their máy vi tính to watch Amy's appearance on Proton (apparently she did it after all), Sheldon tells Amy that she's glowing và he's so proud of her. Amy's proud of him as well, & in classic Big Bang fashion, Sheldon asks if it's because she can't tell how jealous he is. "No, no, I can," she says. "But I can tell how hard you're trying to lớn keep it in." Really hard, Sheldon replies. She then gives him a kiss, says she's going lớn bed, & Sheldon tells her he's going khổng lồ scream on the roof. It's fine, Amy's fine, & I'm fine with it, because he's honest, sincere, and it's still in line with who he is.

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By the second last season of The Big Bang Theory, which episodes were still killing it with the fans of the sitcom?


The Big Bang Theory was well past its days of being nominated for the Best Comedy at the Emmys but audiences still loved showing up lớn watch the nerdy Cal-Tech physicists và their beloved gang of misfits on CBS when the series entered its second decade of airtime.

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Despite being arguably past its glory days, The Big Bang Theory still continued to put up solid ratings & did well enough for the comedy lớn get one last season before saying goodbye khổng lồ the Pasadena physicists.


This episode truly showed how dependent the other members of the group had become on one another when Howard and Amy begin working on a project together, leaving Sheldon, Bernadette, and Raj feeling lonely without their partners. The obvious solution (which apparently wasn"t obvious khổng lồ them) was to start hanging out with each other while their significant others were busy, và that"s exactly what Raj & Sheldon kết thúc up doing (though Sheldon does immediately irritate Raj so not a bullet-proof plan).


While the bulk of this episode was centered around the premise that Amy & Sheldon couldn"t plan a wedding that both of them would enjoy so they both started purposefully planning weddings that the other would hate, the writers decided lớn get real with the B-story when they had Raj ditch Howard as a friend. It was a common trait throughout the series that Howard would poke fun at his best-friend, but Raj finally decided that he"d had enough of the negative energy that Howard brought into his life và told Howard he needed a break from him.


Sheldon never shied away from displaying his mental superiority to others, but for some reason he has always had it out for the science of geology, making it well known how much he disrespects the topic. However, when geologist Bert asks for Sheldon"s help in detecting traces of dark matter in some meteorites, Sheldon finds the work khổng lồ be incredibly engaging & entertaining. He immediately begins to lớn feel ashamed & embarrased & believes people will think less of him for working in Geology - which leads to Bert kicking him off the project và bringing Leonard on board instead, which immediately makes Sheldon jealous.


When Sheldon and Amy got engaged in the first episode of the season, naturally it would mean that the couple would have to lớn pick a maid of honor & a best man. The logical choice for both of them would be Penny và Leonard as it"s well known that the four of them are closer khổng lồ each other while Howard/Bernadette/Raj are their own little group.

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But for some reason Sheldon và Amy thought the others would get angry for not being picked and decided to thử nghiệm their friends with assorted matrimonial puzzles designed lớn see how well they"d perform. Of course, they ultimately pick Leonard và Penny.

Audiences were introduced khổng lồ Professor Proton in season 6 when Sheldon & Leonard hired their favorite television host from when they were kids to bởi science experiments. Sadly, Professor Proton passed away the very next season but was then replaced by none other than Wil Wheaton! Wil ends up asking Amy khổng lồ be on his show & Sheldon takes offense (because he wanted lớn be on the show) but then realizes how proud he is of Amy for doing it and promoting science to little girls everywhere. Meanwhile, Leonard writes a novel that has a mean character that Penny thinks is based on her & gets offended... Until she realizes the character is actually based on Leonard"s mother.

Tensions ran high during this episode between a few of the friends. The gang goes up on the roof of their building to look at stars through Raj"s telescope, but Penny spots an object và Raj takes a picture which reveals it to lớn be a comet. It turns out that it"s a comet that nobody has ever seen before so they get khổng lồ claim credit for naming it - và both Penny & Raj believe that they deserve sole credit for "their" comet. Raj eventually puts his own name on it (for professional reasons) but gets bullied by Penny into including her as well.

Fans were thrilled when it was revealed at the over of season 8 that Sheldon wanted khổng lồ propose to lớn Amy- but they were less happy when it took the writers another two years for that particular moment khổng lồ officially happen thanks to Amy và Sheldon"s short break.

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That said, the moment finally arrived in the first episode of the eleventh season when Sheldon flies khổng lồ New Jersey khổng lồ propose to Amy và she says yes. Not only vày they get engaged, but Howard and Bernadette find out that they"re expecting their second child. A lot of stuff happened in this opener.

Sheldon never excelled at getting along with anybody, but he stated several times that he found it impossible to get along with his siblings. Audiences had met his twin sister in season 1, but it took 10 more years for fans lớn meet Sheldon"s big brother, George, due khổng lồ a feud between the two siblings. But when Sheldon"s mother refuses lớn go khổng lồ his wedding unless his brother comes, Sheldon flies out to lớn Texas to convince his brother lớn attend his wedding. The two brothers fight for most of the episode, but eventually have a heart-to-heart at the end where they bury the hatchet.

This episode almost felt like a classic for The Big Bang Theory và that"s appropriate since it spent the entire episode flashing back seven years in the future. The premise revolved around the guys trying to lớn find a drive that they had mined bitcoins on seven years prior with constant flashbacks khổng lồ what they were doing when they were doing the bitcoin mining. The episode finally ends with Sheldon revealing that he hid the bitcoins on a jump-drive that was hanging on Leonard"s key-chain (to teach the guys a lesson for cutting him out of the process). Unfortunately, Leonard then reveals khổng lồ Sheldon that he lost that key-chain years ago, resulting in the bitcoins being gone for good.

It"s only fitting that the highest-rated episode of the season was the episode that audiences had been waiting 8 seasons for - Sheldon and Amy"s wedding. Despite all of the premarital chaos, the gang manages to lớn keep the madness at a minimum (which is a surprise lớn everyone). Just before the wedding is about khổng lồ start, Sheldon và Amy chia sẻ a heartfelt moment - which turns into a scientific breakthrough as they begin working out the math in the bridal suite (completely forgetting about the wedding). Eventually, Penny comes in & breaks up the fun, but it leads khổng lồ Amy and Sheldon officially tying the knot (with Mark Hamill officiating).

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