​ Stephen Chbosky"s The Perks ofBeinga Wallfloweris a veryintriguingbook. This book is a coming of age novel written in the size of letters. These letters are quite personal và create the illusion of "charlie", the narrators/ maincharacter"sallias, telling the reader his entire high school life. The picture I made is representational to the life of a wallflower. If you are a wallflower, by definition, you are a person who,is awkward, shy or excluded. My creativepiece is a picture a symbolic view on people who are wallflowers. Charlie is also a wall flower so this picture is mainly directed towards him. The bear represents youth, & a traumatizing experience that happened during his youth (I won"t say just because of spoilers) explainedtowardsthe ending of the book. The floor-mat represents the feeling of comfort và the feeling of home, so this represents shyness. In the context of how this relates specifically to Charley; Charley was called a wallflower actually at a party, where he was called out in front of everybody for being shy & a goodlistener. I added the tell all your secrets ----- wallflowerinside of a picture frame because you could tell all your secrets khổng lồ Charlie, and that"s how Charlie wasrecognizedas a wallflower. Also in my creative piece I have four people hanging by nooses on a wall. I tried to lớn incorporatea more litteral depiction of the term wallflower, và for a person lớn be a wallflower. The depiction of the term is also in a sense non-litteral, by it being pushed slightly towards a creative edge while stillincorporatinga meaning. Each flower pot on the heads of the drawn characters represents the feeling of shyness & brokenness. Every single flowerpot on their heads are broken, thus representing them being a wallflower. Each of the drawn figures are hung up on the wall by a noose. This noose to head action isn"t simply just a dark twisted way lớn represent wallflowers, byliterally hanging them up on a wall (see what I did there?).In the very beginning of the book Charlie"s bestfriend frommiddle school killed himself, và so I cleverly added that into the whole wallflower depiction by having all of the people I drew hanged. Charlie may have always been a wallflower, even before he introduces himself to us (the reader) the day before his first day of high school; but the death of hisfriendMichaelwould really give any person the perks ofbeinga wallflower (I am so clever today).

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The book"s setting is in the early 1990"s, và is based around the life of Charlie, which is a generic name he gave to lớn us because he doesn"t want us to lớn find out who he is. What I got from this novel is thatcharlie is conceptually writing to lớn us (the reader). Charlie is writing to lớn us because we are good people, & because we didn"t sleep with that one girl, that one night, at that one party... Because we could have (inside joke from the story).


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Why was Charlie hospitalized in Perks of Being a Wallflower?



You"re more than a disorder or a trauma or an experience. Sometimes, no matter how strong we pretend we are và how normal we try to be - we need a connection with people lớn learn how to mend past pain. Charlie had been abused, emotionally manipulated, and even felt guilty about her death. I think he needed to lớn learn that there were people out there who knew he wasn"t normal and that was okay, because he was moving forward. It"s really what we"re all doing, searching for answers, healing pain, và living each day.

Being a wallflower, according lớn Merriam-Webster, means someone who, from shyness or unpopularity, remains on the sidelines of social activity (such as dance); in other words, a shy or reserved person.

There is a very beautiful movie that has this term, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, & it is one of my beloved movies. The movie is based on an introverted, reserved character Charlie, who is lượt thích a wallflower. I liked this movie not only because it is a good movie, but also because somehow, it relates lớn me as a person.

I always knew I am an introvert, or even reserved. & I felt ashamed about it for many years while growing up. Because usually in society, an introverted or shy person is often neglected or sidelined. It’s hard for them khổng lồ make friends, get ahead in school or college, work on group projects or debate. I remember how hard it was for me to make new friends during my school và college days.

Later, over time as I gained maturity, I could cope with this limitation và make friends, but still, I would fail to lớn maintain friendships over a long period of time. Just like Charlie, I also rarely dared khổng lồ raise my hands in the class to answer a question asked by a teacher, even though I knew the answer. I used lớn wait for someone else lớn raise their hands and thus avoid becoming the centre of attention; because for introverts like me, the most dreaded thing is being under the limelight.


Credit: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I used to lớn blame myself for being fearful in those days. But only later did I realise that it’s not really fear but something else that has to do with my introverted personality type. & the most important thing I learnt quite late is the wisdom that it is okay to be introverted. That it is okay lớn stay away from the centre of attention.

Not everyone needs khổng lồ be on the stage. If everyone decides khổng lồ perform on the stage, then who will be the audience? and it is important khổng lồ accept that it’s perfectly okay khổng lồ be a part of the audience. Because only those who have the gift khổng lồ appreciate the talent of others can become the perfect audience. Và introverts possess this gift; they can value art và aesthetics, và the talent of others.

That’s why Wes Fesler says:


Unfortunately, society often respects và admires only the extroverted ones. That’s why society often ‘judges the book by its cover’ most of the time. Even worse is the fact that introverts và wallflowers are criticised for their reticence or shy nature. This leads to lớn unnecessary pressure for introverts to come out even though they might not be comfortable. In fact, we see that many careers và life situations vì not always need people lớn be in the limelight or maintain public relations.

If Newton or Einstein had been forced to lớn get out of their house/lab & follow a more socially accepted career, would science as we see today have progressed without them? I agree that some people are natural showmen or salespersons, and have a successful life and career in public relations, marketing or TV anchoring. But not everyone wants khổng lồ be lượt thích that. Some people are happier spending their life in a lab doing some research, or writing & designing as a solitary activity.

All they expect from society is khổng lồ stop labelling them as a social stigma. It is strange to see the same society eulogise & romanticise some of the highly introverted personalities including Isaac Newton, Sherlock Holmes and more recently Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

Finally, though it has been many years since this movie got released, somehow, it still feels so relevant and alive even today. This movie highlights the fact that there is no shame in being a wallflower, unlike how society makes us feel bad for being one. It shows that we have khổng lồ define our life on our terms to lớn live as we want. Personality is a gift and a unique one bestowed on all of us. There is no perfect personality trait & hence, in the end, there is no absolute good or bad personality. We have lớn figure out how we want lớn be.

So, this is my life. Và I want you to know that I am both happy và sad & I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.”— Stephen Chbisky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

Note:The article was originally published on the author’s personal blog here.
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