Fear is back with some big surprises & cast returns. Find out everything you need to lớn know about the new series & Madison Clark's comeback.

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Who is in the Fear the Walking Dead season 7 cast?

The big shock for the final episodes in season 7 is that Kim Dickens will return at some point as OG FTWD legend Madison Clark.

Madison hasn"t appeared in the show since the mid-season finale of season 4 in 2018. Her exit from the show caused uproar from fans, but despite appearing to lớn be killed off after she was surrounded by a swarm of zombies - the first footage of Kim Dickens in season 7 was teased in the final trailer.

The season 7 cast in full includes:

Kim Dickens as Madison ClarkAlycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia ClarkRubén Blades as Daniel SalazarColman Domingo as Victor StrandDanay García as Luciana GalvezMaggie Grace as Althea "Al" Szewczyk-PrzygockiLennie James as Morgan JonesJenna Elfman as June "Naomi/Laura" DorieAlexa Nisenson as CharlieKaren David as Grace MukherjeeAustin Amelio as DwightMo Collins as Sarah RabinowitzColby Hollman as WesChristine Evangelista as SherryKeith Carradine as John Dorie SrOmid Aeivonline.edu.vnahi as HowardGus Halper as WillDemetrius Grosse as Josiah LaRouxAisha Tyler as MickeySydney Lemmon as IsabelleDaryl Mitchell as Wendell

How many episodes are there in season 7?

There are eight in episodes in the second half of season 7.

Season 7 concludes on Monday, June 6th with the episode "Gone".

Episode danh sách for season 7B:

Episode 9: Follow Me

Episode 10: Mourning Cloak

Episode 11: Ofelia

Episode 12: Sonny Boy

Episode 13: The Raft

Episode 14: Divine Providence

Episode 15: Amina

Episode 16: Gone

Will there be a Fear the Walking Dead season 8?


It was confirmed in December 2021 that Fear the Walking Dead would return for season 8 in 2022.

Kim Dickens, who returns as Madison Clark at some point in season 7, will be among the main cast for season 8.

Is there a trailer?

Yes – the teaser trailer for season 7B dropped on September 10. Watch it below.

The full season 7B trailer is at the đứng đầu of this page.

What will happen in season 7?

In the second half of the show’s seventh season, months have passed after the nuclear blast & the only one thriving is Victor Strand (Colman Domingo).

Having built a fiefdom, he callously selects who will have a chance at life. The other members of the group have suffered immensely, but out of that, has come a fierce determination to live, even if it means taking Strand’s Tower by force và continuing the tìm kiếm for Padre, a mythical place no one is sure really exists.

Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey,) now the reluctant leader to lớn Teddy (John Glover)’s former followers, is plagued by a mysterious illness và the repercussions of her past actions.

Morgan (Lennie James,) trying khổng lồ maintain hope that he will be reunited with his family, knows Alicia is key lớn their survival. With Alicia declaring war, Strand’s paranoia và personal vendettas grow, và with that, new threats emerge from all sides.

In season 6, we saw Teddy detonate nuclear warheads – & now it will be up to those who survived lớn decide what the new beginning will look like.

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Where the outside air is as deadly as the walkers they face, the survivors will find out who they really are and whether they can rise lớn the occasion.