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Discord is one of the largest social apps that's entirely community-driven. Moderating growing community Discord servers can be a daunting task. Still, it's necessary khổng lồ improve the quality of our social spaces on our favorite android phones, which is why we gọi on the aid of handy Discord bots. Adding bots to your Discord servers reels in some fantastic benefits; these include comfier security, additional vps features, and không lấy phí entertainment.

And fortunately, these Discord bots require very little hands-on moderating power & don't breach Discord's terms of service. All that's needed is khổng lồ correctly host & set up these Discord bots khổng lồ become fully commissioned and serviced lượt thích a well-oiled machine. So we at game android Police will guide you through adding và hosting Discord bots on any server.

What is a Discord bot?

A bot is a program that simulates human activity while carrying out a specific set of commands, typically with little khổng lồ no user input. In other words, they're machines designed & coded khổng lồ automate a task. Most Discord developers deploy bots lớn fill out repetitive tasks, delegate administrative duties, or địa chỉ games khổng lồ increase activity within servers. These bots can keep running indefinitely until commanded lớn stop or get shut down. Sometimes, the presence of a Discord bot can be the difference maker from a dead vps to one that's booming (with activity).

Why host a Discord bot on a server?

Discord bots appear on your Members list like other humans và become an addition to lớn any Discord community. Discord vps owners use popular websites khổng lồ find Discord bots, lượt thích or Discord Bot List, or by visiting the Discord bot's website or the developer's Git
Hub. Procuring these bots has many uses; these include monitoring Discord servers for bad actors, while others are for entertainment, like listening khổng lồ music with a music bot in a voice channel, trading memes và anime cards or catching virtual Pokémon with Mewbot and Poké

Top 5 useful and popular Discord bots

MEE6 Bot (adds self-assign Discord roles và monitors user activity) (Discord ticket bot và create custom transcripts) Dank Memer (integrates image manipulation and currency-based games) Apollo (schedule và track events) Dyno Bot (auto-moderation & server management)

How lớn enable bots on Discord servers

Your Discord hệ thống won't accept bot requests from other members unless they have Administrative or Manage Server permissions. However, say you just created a new server, you should be able to add bots already because you have Administrative privileges. If that's the case, you can skip the instructions below & move on lớn the next part about inviting bots. Of course, if you're looking lớn let other members freely add bots to lớn your Discord server, you can check out the following steps:

mở cửa the Discord mobile app, then tap the Meatball menu on the left. Tap on Settings.

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Scroll down to the User Management section and tap Roles. Navigate lớn
lớn continue. Note: If you only want certain users khổng lồ have the nguồn to địa chỉ cửa hàng bots, you'll need to lớn create your own custom role by tapping Create Role.


Tap Server Settings.
Click on Default Permissions.
Click Save Changes.
Log in using your Discord credentials. Then, select the server where you’d lượt thích to use the bot & click Continue.
Go through the cài đặt process.

Managing Your Discord Bot

Now that you’ve added your bot let’s reviews how you can manage it. Most bots have a dashboard located on the website with comprehensive controls for moderation. But you can make some adjustments in Discord’s settings too. Lớn reiterate, the instructions below will vary depending on the bot you’re using.

Head over khổng lồ the bot’s website và click on the Dashboard option.Make changes as you see fit.

Again, each bot will have different instructions & different capabilities.

Authorizing Your Discord Bot

Discord is very careful with bots & sometimes requires multiple authorizations khổng lồ enable one lớn work. Even though the platform uses Oauth2 to permit a bot to lớn access and interact, you may still see a prompt lớn authorize it within the channel.

Some Popular Discord Bots

Now that you know how to địa chỉ bots, what are some bots you should add? Well, only you know what kind of environment you want your vps to have. Here is a list of some of the more popular Discord bots & why you might want to add them.

Dank Memberdisplays memes và has a variety of other meme-related features.

Pancakeis a basic multi-featured bot with moderation features & music playing.

Nadeko plays games, offers gambling, and has administration tools.

Botlets your users record clips.

Botoffers more than 4500 custom soundboards.

Groovyis a music bot that supports Spotify, You
Tube, and Soundcloud.

Rythmis a very stable và fully functional music bot.

Mantarois a customizable “fun” bot.

A translatoris a multilingual bot that provides instant translation between more than 100 languages.

More Bot Resources

There are a lot of resources out there to lớn help you choose, customize, và even create your own Discord bots. Here are some of the most popular and useful bot-oriented resources available on the Web to lớn help you get the most out of your bot experience.


Discordbots.orgis a bot-themed Discord community with a vast array of resources for bot users. The site has thousands of bots categorized and rated và also publishes & supports its own bot creation API, available in Java
Script, Java, Python, C#/.NET, và Go variations.

This site is a goldmine of great resources và examples for bot developers.

Bastionbot.orgtakes an interesting philosophical position on the bot world. Rather than having a dozen bots, each running their own functions, Bastion attempts khổng lồ be an all-in-one bot that can handle everything a server might need.

Bastion’s feature danh sách includes music, games, giveaways and promotions, a suggestions channel, voting, user profiles, virtual currencies, leveling systems, a server shop, filters, searches, trò chơi stats, messaging, moderation features, emojis, “fun” features like airhorns & quotes, starboard, scheduled commands, và triggers và reaction events. Bastion is a full-featured bot that can bởi just about anything you want it lớn do, và it adds features regularly.

Carbonitexis a statistics-collecting website devoted khổng lồ Discord servers & bots and is a fantastic resource for those who want to see where the kích hoạt is in the server và bot playing field. You can invite Carbonitex khổng lồ monitor your server và collect statistics to lớn show where you are in the great hệ thống ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bots are a great tool to use as a Discord hệ thống admin. Here are some more answers to lớn your most frequently asked questions.

How vì I create a Discord Server?

We actually have an article khổng lồ walk you through creating a server. The process is relatively simple, và you can have multiple servers for free. This means you can create a vps for your Minecraft friends và a separate one for your điện thoại tư vấn of Duty friends.

You can even create a Discord vps for business or school meetings too!

Do I have to add a bot khổng lồ every server?

Yes. Let’s say you want to địa chỉ the music bot khổng lồ your servers; you’ll need to lớn follow the steps above for each server.

I added a bot, but it isn’t doing anything. What’s wrong?

Depending on the bot you’ve added, you could have some issues because there’s something wrong with the bot itself. However, in most cases, you need to lớn navigate khổng lồ ‘Roles’ in your server’s settings & grant the right permissions lớn your mechanical helper.

Most bots have a dashboard on their website. If you’ve added the roles, but it still isn’t performing correctly, head over to the bot’s trang web and check out the moderator’s permissions. For example, the Mee6 bot is incredibly popular, but you have khổng lồ toggle the Moderator permissions on from the website before it’ll bởi vì anything.

Do I have lớn be an Admin to địa chỉ cửa hàng bots?

Yes, if you don’t have Administrator permissions turned on, you can’t địa chỉ a bot lớn that server. You can always ask the owner or admins for access to these permissions. The admins reserve the option to lớn deny you the necessary permissions depending on what you’re trying to accomplish & your relationship with them.

Can I địa chỉ a bot on Discord mobile?

Yes! The desktop version is a little easier khổng lồ work with than the mobile version; it is possible to showroom most bots khổng lồ your Discord server on a mobile device.

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1. Xuất hiện the website browser of your choice and go to the trang web of the bot you’d like to add.