Independent research shows that 91% of organizations have experienced outbound email security incidents in their Microsoft 365 environments (download the full report here for more insights). Human error is the primary cause of these incidents, whether that"s adding an incorrect recipient, attaching the wrong file, or forgetting to lớn use the Bcc field. For a quick introduction lớn human error on email, read our article "What is a misdirected email?".

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In some very specific circumstances, it is possible to recall or replace an email in Microsoft Outlook. Alternatively, the system can send an "Outlook recall message" without removing the email from the recipient"s inbox. As recalling an thư điện tử in Outlook only works for recipients in the same organization as you, it is possible to use this functionality khổng lồ uphold information barriers if the other conditions are met. 

If you"ve sent an thư điện tử that contains sensitive data (such as personal information, privileged information, or corporate data) lớn the wrong person, make sure you inform your Security, Compliance and Risk, or IT team immediately. Timely investigation & remediation can limit the impact of these incidents for any data subjects involved và for your organization. Additionally, if this type of incident happens frequently lớn you or others in your organization, it might be useful for them to lớn know that we have more resources on thư điện tử data loss prevention (DLP) on our blog & provide Egress Prevent, an advanced email security solution that addresses this information. 

So, how bởi you recall an e-mail in Outlook?

If you are and your recipient(s) are all on Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 và in the same organization, và a recipient has not read the thư điện tử yet, it is possible to lớn recall or replace it using the following steps.

Recalling an thư điện tử in Outlook (on Exchange và Microsoft 365)

Open your Sent Items folder
Double-click on the thư điện tử you want khổng lồ recall (to xuất hiện it)Go khổng lồ FileInfoClick on Message Resend & Recall Recall This MessageSelect the option you want from:Delete unread copies of this message, which "recalls" the e-mail by deleting it from the inboxDelete unread copies và replace with a new message, which "recalls" unread copied by deleting them và sends a new e-mail to recipients
Tick the Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient box to know whether your e-mail was deleted or not
Select OK

Why recalling an email in Outlook doesn’t always work

As mentioned above, recalling an e-mail in Outlook only works under the following combined specific conditions:

You and your recipient(s) are all on Exchange or Microsoft 365You are all in the same organization
A recipient has not read the email

If these và other conditions are not met, then Outlook will mặc định to sending a recall email, which is a separate (new) e-mail that lists the email you would lượt thích to recall. This does not delete or replace the email in a recipient"s inbox. This means under the following circumstances an Outlook recall won"t work:

You are not on Exchange or Microsoft 365Some or all of your recipients are not on Exchange or Microsoft 365The recipient(s) is external to lớn your organization
The recipient has read the email
The original e-mail has been moved to lớn a thư mục that is not their inbox, for example due to lớn a rule within the recipient"s mailbox (in this case, both the original message & the recall notification e-mail will be available lớn the recipient)You are using Outlook web Access (OWA)


Other Solutions: Delay your emails

This means you can delay the delivery of an thư điện tử after you’ve sent it giving you that extra time to lớn change your mind.

Delay a single message in Outlook

Click Options in the Message editing window.Hit Delay Delivery.Select the Do not deliver before check box.Select the delivery date & time that you want from the two drop-down lists.Then click on the Close button lớn save the changes.After you click Send, the message will stay in the Outbox folder until your scheduled delivery time.

This will only work to give you a bit more time to lớn reconsider your message; it will not prevent you from accidentally sending the email to the wrong person. It is also only useful if you remember to kiểm tra the message again before it leaves your Outbox.

Delay sending a group of messages

Click on the File tab.Click Manage Rules và Alerts.Click New Rule under the Email Rules tab.In the Rules Wizard window under Step 1: Select a template box, and under Start from a Blank Rule, click Apply rule on messages I send, và then click Next to lớn continue.In the Step 1: Select condition(s) list, select the boxes for any options that you want và then click Next.If you leave all the conditions unchecked when you click Next a confirmation dialogue box will appear. If you click Yes, the rule you are creating will then be applied to lớn all messages you send.Now under Step 1: Select the action(s) list, kiểm tra the box stating defer delivery by a number of minutes.In the Step 2: Edit the rule description (click an underlined value) box, click the underlined part of the phrase: defer delivery by a number of minutes.Enter the number of minutes you want to lớn delay the messages for before it’s sent (Note: delivery can be delayed up khổng lồ 120 minutes).Click OK, and then when you’re done hit Next.Another danh mục of checkboxes with exceptions that you want will then appear (Step 1: Select exception(s) if necessary).If you want your rules lớn apply to all your emails click Next.Then under the Rules Wizard In the Step 1: Specify a name for this rule box enter a name for the rule you’ve created.Check the Turn on this rule kiểm tra box & then click Finish.It’s then a good idea to kiểm tra your rule before relying on it when you come khổng lồ sending something vital.From now on, after you send each message it will stay in the Outbox folder for the time specified.

Again, this solution only works if you are carefully checking each of your emails for mistaken recipients or incorrect e-mail attachments before it leaves your Outbox.

Enhance outbound thư điện tử security with Egress

Egress provides two solutions that enhance organizations" e-mail security. 

Egress Prevent uses supervised and unsupervised machine learning lớn detect human error & altert senders to lớn their mistakes before an thư điện tử is sent and an incident can occur. 

Egress Protect provides message-level encryption that offers the ability to lớn revoke access to sent messages and see full audit logs showing who has read an thư điện tử and when. 

Request a personalized kiểm tra to find out more. 

Got questions about e-mail DLP?

We have numerous articles that answer đứng đầu questions about e-mail DLP, including:

Sending an e-mail in error is easy, but recalling it can be tricky. If you"ve ever accidentally sent an thư điện tử with a typo or the wrong information, you know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, Outlook allows you to lớn recall an email (in most cases), as long as the recipient hasn"t opened it yet.

To recall an thư điện tử in Outlook, follow these steps:

Open Outlook and go to lớn your Sent Items folder.
Double-click lớn open the thư điện tử you want to lớn recall. Find the Actions dropdown and click "Recall This Message’.
In the Recall This Message dialogue box, select the option you want:Delete unread copies of this message: This will delete the e-mail from the recipient"s inbox if they haven"t opened it yet.Move unread copies of this message lớn the Deleted Items folder: This will move the thư điện tử to the recipient"s Deleted Items thư mục if they haven"t opened it yet.
Click "OK".

If you"re using thư điện tử to exchange sensitive information, you must secure it in line with European regulations. The Mailock Outlook add-in gives you the power to encrypt messages and to revoke sent emails every time, even if they have been opened.

If Recalling An Outlook e-mail Doesn"t Work

Recalling an email in Outlook isn"t possible. If you can"t recall your email, this is due khổng lồ one of the following reasons.


When lớn Recall An e-mail In Outlook

There are a few times when it"s appropriate to recall an email.

First, if you accidentally send an e-mail with a typo or a mistake, you can recall the email and send a corrected version.

Second, if you send an thư điện tử to the wrong person, you can recall the email and send it khổng lồ the correct person.

Third, if you send an e-mail that contains sensitive information, you can recall the email and prevent a data breach.

You should recall emails as soon as possible. The sooner you recall an email, the more likely it is that the recipient hasn"t opened it yet.

You should never send sensitive information in an email without additional protection. It"s too easy to lớn send it lớn the wrong person và it could be intercepted or manipulated by threat actors. Use thư điện tử encryption lớn comply with EU regulatory guidance và consider adding an ID kiểm tra to make sure your thư điện tử reaches the right person.

Can You Replace An e-mail In Outlook?

You may have noticed the option khổng lồ ‘Delete unread copies & replace with a new message’.


If you select this option, you can compose an updated message to lớn replace the original sent message in your recipient’s inbox.

If the recipient opens the updated message first, the original message will be deleted, and the recipient will be notified.

As with a standard e-mail recall, the replacement will only be successful if if the recipient has not already opened the original email. If they xuất hiện the original thư điện tử and then you try to lớn replace it, they may receive the replacement message as a separate, new email.

Similarly, all other situations in which an thư điện tử recall is not possible that I lưu ý above, also apply to email replacement.

Recalling Emails: A Last Resort

Recalling emails should be a last resort. If you can, it"s always better to check and proofread your emails before you send them.

If you accidentally send an e-mail with a mistake, or to the wrong person, you can apologise và send a follow-up e-mail if a recall doesn"t work.

However, if your email contains sensitive information, it is vital you have the means to revoke access completely lớn prevent that information from falling into the wrong hands or being shared further.

Tools For Revoking Sensitive Emails

If you"re concerned about the security of your sensitive emails, you may want khổng lồ consider using a third-party tool khổng lồ revoke them.

There are a fewdifferent tools available, but one of the most popular is our own easy-to-use Outlook e-mail add-in, Mailock.

Mailock gives you the capability to fully revoke a secure thư điện tử regardless of the situation - even if your recipient:

has already opened your message.has moved the message to lớn a different using an thư điện tử client that is not Outlook.

Find out more about Mailock secure email for Outlook.

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