With its finale, Mob Psycho 100 delivers one of its most heartwrenching episodes while giving fans a beautiful và satisfying conclusion lớn an already stellar series.

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We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 12, “Confession ~The Future~,” which contains spoilers và the ending.

All good things must kết thúc whether you want them to or not, and sadly episode 12 brings viewers to lớn the conclusion of Mob Psycho 100. The last few episodes of the series have been as impressive as they have been heartbreaking, as viewers watch Mob (voiced by
Setsuo Ito)
and his closest friends struggle khổng lồ save him from himself. While it has been nostalgic và comforting to lớn see everyone from Shoto Ritsu (Miyu Irino) rush khổng lồ Mob’s aide, so far, it hasn’t been enough lớn snap him out of it. With only Reigen (Takahiro Sakurai) left, Mob’s entire future may rest in the hands of his mentor. He’s been more than enough lớn keep Mob grounded in the past, but there’s never been this much on the line before, và all anyone can hope is that Reigen has the strength lớn save his student one last time in this epic conclusion of Mob Psycho 100.

Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 12 recap & ending explained

The episode opens with Tsubomi staring at the massive storm that is being created by Mob’s outburst. She figures she should leave but decides khổng lồ stay & wait for Mob.

At the same time, Reigen và Serizawa also struggle to lớn make it close to Mob, as the winds make it hard khổng lồ approach the area. Despite trying his best, Serizawa isn’t strong enough lớn get them any closer. Reigen says it’s fine, as he can finish the journey on his own.

The unhinged Mob, who turns out to be a manifestation of Mob’s psychic powers, slowly makes his way towards Tsubomi while the real Mob is afraid of getting too close khổng lồ her. As children, Mob stopped using his powers around her when Tsubomi stopped taking an interest in them, but she always accepted him regardless. The unhinged Mob says it wasn’t the real Mob who fell in love with her, but his powers that developed the feelings for her, và it’s why he needs to lớn see her now.

When Mob hears Reigen yelling for him in the background, he realizes that, lượt thích Tsubomi, his master has never judged Mob for his powers, either. Although the unhinged Mob knows that Reigen has no powers và is a nhỏ artist, the real Mob knows that Reigen has always treated him well despite the liar he may be. Reigen looks on in horror as he realizes he had no idea the true extent of the feelings Mob was holding in this whole time.

The unhinged Mob attempts khổng lồ use his powers to lớn blow Regain away, but he fights back, grabbing onto debris as he begs Mob to lớn listen to lớn him. The more he tries, the more his toàn thân is brutally tossed against the concrete streets and falling buildings. Still, he refuses to lớn give up, running towards Mob with all the strength he has left. He finally catches up lớn Mob’s physical body, barely managing to lớn grab his ankles và stop him. However, Mob’s powers have no interest in listening to him.

Mob’s toàn thân continues walking toward Tsubomi, thinking he has escaped Reigen, but to his surprise, Reigen has run ahead lớn catch up with him. The older man grabs hands with Mob, forcing him lớn stop and talk, but to Mob’s surprise, he’s stronger than usual. It is then that Reigen looks up, revealing that he allowed Dimple to possess his body. Dimple explains that he was attracted to the energy, allowing him to find his way back, but he is just struggling to lớn stay real at this point. Although Reigen thanks the spirit for helping, he asks to lớn speak khổng lồ Mob by himself.

In an emotional outburst, Reigen finally reveals the truth: that he does not now, nor has he ever, had any psychic powers or abilities. He cries, admitting khổng lồ Mob that it was a lie the entire time. Even when he first met Mob in elementary school, he admits that he lied & has been using Mob ever since. “When it comes to lớn all this psychic stuff, I don’t have a clue,” he says, “and that’s who I really am.” He apologizes for ever having the nerve to điện thoại tư vấn himself Mob’s master, but he assures Mob that what he’s going through right now is still normal. Everyone has multiple sides, và while he hates his own lying nature, it allowed him to grow close khổng lồ Mob, just like Mob’s powers have made him better as well. “You’re fine, just as you are,” Reigen tells Mob, encouraging him lớn accept himself as is.

Mob’s progress khổng lồ his next explosion meter steadily increases as the real Mob asks his powers if they’d ever be able lớn accept him the same way all of his other friends have. Mob says he wants to go back to lớn how things were, but his powers are still terrified of being turned down by Tsubomi. If that happens, Mob says they will get through it, extending a caring hand to himself as his meter hits 100%. Finally, Mob is able to retake control of his physical body. He begins making his way to lớn Tsubomi with only 1 single flower left from his bouquet. Dimple wonders if they should accompany him or if Tsubomi is even still waiting, but Reigen assures him that this is something Mob needs to do on his own.

Ending Explained

Dimple and Reigen wonder what they’ll vị now before noticing Mob returning with the same flower. They assume Tsubomi left, but Mob admits that she rejected him, saying it never occurred lớn her lớn think of him that way. As Mob begins lớn sob, Reigien puts an arm around him, attempting lớn reassure him và lift his spirits as the three of them walk trang chủ amongst the rubble.

Six months later, Mob is at school, thriving. We see him attending his clubs and participating more than he ever has. We see him making plans with his friends và walking home with Ritsu, engaging in full conversation. Although the encounters are short, it’s special seeing how outspoken và comfortable around others Mob has become, compared to lớn how reserved he was at the beginning of the series. While Mob and Ritsu walk, they run into Hanazawa, who decides to lớn tag along with them as they head lớn the Spirits & Such Consultation Office.

As they enter the building, viewers see that Tome is also an employee now. She asks Mob how Tsubomi is, revealing that the two of them still talk on the phone regularly, despite the initial rejection. Slowly, more of Mob’s old friends pop in, including the Telepathy Club, Sho, the Shiratori brothers, & more. They all seem lớn be waiting for Reigen to lớn show up. A few minutes later, Reigen walks in with Dimple to discover everyone throwing him a surprise birthday party. He’s almost moved lớn tears before tripping into his cake face-first. The episode fades off in a fit of laughter, ending the series for good.

Although I’m sad lớn see it end, as a Mob Psycho 100 fan, this was a more than satisfying conclusion. The last few episodes had already given Mob the chance khổng lồ tie up any loose strings with old friends & enemies, leaving only himself, Reigen, và Dimple khổng lồ be dealt with in the end. It was fitting that the final showdown ended with them, as they’ve always been the central trio of the series.

Usually, I complain about a lack of action in shows lượt thích this, but there was no need for it in this finale. The emotional weight of the episode was more than enough to lớn carry it and make it one of the best of the season. I can especially appreciate it when a series leaves viewers with little to no loose ends, và Mob Psycho did a fantastic job of finishing up its arcs, so viewers are not left with any significant hanging questions.

Mob’s growth from the first season to lớn now is not only easy to see, but it makes everything worth it. Seeing him get rejected, although sad, was never truly the point. It was all about the journey with this anime, as fans watched Mob transfer from a shell of himself khổng lồ someone confident, capable of making new friends, & finding the happiness he felt he never deserved because of his powers. Khổng lồ see Mob finally accept every part of himself makes everything else that was great about the finale just icing on the cake. While I am sad that the series is over, I don’t think anyone could’ve asked for a better conclusion for Mob.

What did you think of the anime series Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 12, và the ending? comment below.

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Ritsu is out of the picture after doing what he can to lớn stop Mob. Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 12 sees Mob come face to lớn face with the one person who can currently stop this rampage. Let’s see how it went in this review!

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 12 Overview


It is hard khổng lồ say goodbye lớn a show as unique as this, but I’m glad that Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 12 means it gets lớn go out on a high. This outing was extremely emotional và powerful, enough to make a grown man cry, as some would put it. Without spoiling the lưu ý the series ended on, it would be insane khổng lồ be anything less than satisfied with how things were left. Of course, not everything was answered, but it didn’t need khổng lồ be. We got enough, but it feels weird saying one can ever have enough of Mob Psycho 100. We will miss you, Mob.


Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 12 was the perfect ending lớn a phenomenal show. Now that it is all said và done, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to lớn claim that this was a one-of-a-kind experience that could never be replicated.