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Kim Go-eun (김고은) is a South Korean actress & model. She debuted in the film A Muse & is under bh

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Birth Name: Kim Go-eun (김고은)Birthday: July 2, 1991Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 170 (5’7″)Weight: –Blood Type: BReligion: Protestant

Kim Go-eun Facts:– She originally debuted under Jangin but moved to Hodu&U in 2016. In 2017 she moved to bh– She is known for her role in the television series Cheese in the Trap và Guardian: The Lonely & Great God.– She has won several Best New Actress awards in South Korea.– she was three years old, Kim’s family moved khổng lồ Beijing, China, and lived there for 10 years.– She moved back to lớn Korea in her years.– Director Jung Ji-woo has said “She is naturally curious & brave. She’s strong in the that she isn’t easily. She doesn’t bởi vì things just because everyone else does it.”– Every time she would watch the movie ‘Together’ she would always cry.– She to lớn the School of Drama at Korea National University of Arts.– She decided lớn take a break from acting for two years, and go back to college to lớn complete her degree. She came back to lớn acting in 2014.– She was born in Seoul, South Korea.– She Kaywon High School of Arts in Seoul.– She initially turned down the role in the television serial ‘Cheese in the Trap’ due to lớn scheduling issues until director Lee Yoon Jung offered to reschedule the shooting to lớn suit her timings as he found her most suited for the role.– She had khổng lồ change her hairstyle for her role in the television drama ‘Cheese in the Trap’ and uses heavy eye makeup for her roles.– She dated actor Shin Ha Kyun. They met each other while doing scuba diving. Despite the 17 year age, the relationship continued for a while và they were reported lớn be living together.– She broke up with actor Shin Ha Kyun and is rumored to be dating her co-star Gong Yoo from the movie ‘Goblin’.– She sang the Tearliner tuy vậy “Attraction” for the official soundtrack for Cheese in the Trap.

Kim Go-eun Movies:Joyful Music Album (즐거운 음악 앨범) | 2019 – mày SooHit và Run Squad (뺑소니 분대) | 2019 – Guest RoleSunset In My Hometown (내 고향에서 일몰) | 2018 – Sun MiCanola (카놀라) | 2016 – Hye JiThe Advocate: A Missing Body (옹호자 : 누락 된 바디) | 2015 – Prosecutor Jin Sun-MiMemories Of The Sword (소드의 추억) | 2015 – Seol HeeCoin Locker Grill (코인 로커 그릴) | 2015 – Il YeongMonster (괴물) | 2014 – Bok SunNever Die Butterfly (절대로 죽지 마라 나비) | 2013 – Moon Soo YeonYeonga (영-에이) | 2013 – Yeong-AComfort (편안함) | 2013 – Eun HyeModern Psychology (현대 심리학) | 2012 – Bye (안녕친 공이 타자) | 2012 – Min JeongA Muse (뮤즈) | 2012 – Han Eun Gyo

Kim Go-eun Dramas:Goblin (도깨비) | năm nhâm thìn – Ji Eun Tak Cheese In The Trap (치즈 인 더 트랩) | 2016 – Hong SeolThe King: Eternal Monarch (더 킹: 영원의 군주) | 2020 – Jeong Tae-Eul – Luna – pilot (ep.16), Jeong Eun Kyeong (ep.16), Jeong Tae Ra (ep.16), Jeong Hyo Jin (ep.16)Yumi’s Cells (유미의 세포들) | năm nhâm thìn – Kim Yu Mi

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Actress Kim Go Eun (Kim Goeun) Profile, Drama, Facts, và TMI


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Kim Go Eun Profile

Birth Name: 김고은 (Kim Go Eun)Stage Name: Kim Go EunNationality: South KoreanDate of Birth: 1991.07.02Zodiac Sign: CancerChinese Zodiac: SheepHeight: 167 cm (5’4)Weight: N/ABlood Type: bh

Kim Go Eun Facts và TMI

Kim Go Eun was born & grew up in Seoul.Her family consists of mother, father, & an older brother (born 1990).She is a Christian.She graduated from the School of Acting, Korea National University of Arts, with a bachelor’s degree.She debuted in 2011.Because of her father’s business, her family moved to Beijing, china she was 4 until the next 10 years.Her family moved back lớn Korea she was in the first grade of middle school.Since her family resided in the countryside of Miyun, she had to lớn a local school instead of an international school, therefore she can speak Chinese from her father who is a movie, she started preparing career as an actress.At first, she wanted to be a movie crew or instead of an actress. She made her mind to pursue an acting career after she received applause from the in stage performance.Kim Go Eun debuted in 2011’s movie titled ‘Eungyo’.With her portrayal of Han Eun Gyo in the movie ‘Eungyo’ she received the Best New Actress awards from Daejong Film Awards & Blue rồng Awards.She achieved mainstream success after starring in the hit drama ‘Goblin’ alongside Gong Yoo. Kim Go Eun became a Hallyu star thanks khổng lồ ‘Goblin’ which recorded 20.5% peak viewership rating during its broadcast.Kim Go Eun acted in two webtoon adaptation dramas: ‘Cheese in the Trap’ in năm 2016 and ‘Yumi’s Cells’.She had modeled for more than đôi mươi brands throughout her career.She shared that she doesn’t get scared easily.There are many opinions saying that she resembles actress Park So Dam.She is one of the “members” of the famous “Class of 2010, Korea National University of Arts School of Acting” alongside Kim Sung Cheol, Lee sang Yi, Park So Dam, Lee Yoo Young, and Ahn Eun Jin.She is best with actress Ryu Hye Young.She was in a relationship with actor Shin Ha Kyun who is 17 years older than her from June năm 2016 to February 2017.She is also close khổng lồ labelmates Lee Ji Ah, Chu Ja Hyun, and Han Hyo Joo.She is quite good at singing.


‘A Muse’ aka ‘Eungyo’ as Han Eun Gyo (2012)‘Yeong-a’ as Yeong-a (2012/ Short film)‘Comfort’ as Eun Hye (2012/ film)‘Neverdie Butterfly’ as Moon Soo Yeon (2013/ Cameo appearance)‘Monster’ as Bok Soon (2014)‘Memories of the Sword’ as Seol Hee/ Hong Yi (2015)‘Coin Locker Girl’ as Il Young (2015)‘The Advocate: A Missing Body’ as Jin Sun mày (2015)‘Canola’ as Hye Ji (2016)‘Sunset in My Hometown’ as Sun mi (2018)‘Tune in for Love’ as Kim mi Soo (2019)‘Hit-and-Run Squad’ as Min Jae’s acquaintance (2019/ Cameo appearance)‘Untact’ as Soo Jin (2020/ Short film)‘Hero’ as Seol Hee (TBA)

TV Series

‘Cheese in the Trap’ as Hong Seol (tv
N/ 2016)
‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ as Ji Eun Tak (tv

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N/ 2016–2017)
‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ as Jung Tae Eul/ Luna (SBS/ 2020)‘Yumi’s Cells’ as Yumi (tv
N/ 2021)

Variety Show

‘SBS Movieworld’ (SBS/ 2014)‘JTBC Newsroom’ (JTBC/ 2015/ as guest)‘Happy Together Season 3’ (2016/ as guest)‘Your Song’ (JTBC/ 2019/ as guest)‘Happy Together Season 4’ (2019/ as guest)‘Begin Again 3’ (2019/ as guest)‘Chuljang 15-ya’ (2021/ as guest)‘Sea of Hope’ (2021/ as ocean guide)


‘Come with Me Girl’ by Jung Yup (2015)


‘Sun, Moon, Stars, and Us’ by Shin Seung Hun ft. Kim Go Eun (2015) ‘Attraction’ by Tearliner ft. Kim Go Eun (Cheese in the Trap OST/ 2016)‘Hero’ by Park Jung Min ft. Kim Go Eun và Yankee (Sunset in My Hometown OST/ 2019)