Appearing under many acclaimed directors, such as Martin Scorsese và Tim Burton, Chloë Grace Moretz is one of Hollywood’s most promising young actors. Moretz, who began her film career with the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror before appearing in many child roles through the mid-2000s, has worked her way through the ranks. In 2010, the start of a new era, Moretz transitioned lớn a more spotlight role in Kick-Ass as Hit-Girl. The film, a black comedy superhero flick directed by Matthew Vaughn, is based on the comic book of the same name by Mark Millar & John Romita, Jr. It also features Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Nicolas Cage.

The story is relatively similar to lớn any other of its genre. An ordinary teenager, Dave Lizewski, sets his sights on becoming a real-life superhero, calling himself ‘Kick-Ass’. However, his attempts to lớn save the day land him in an entanglement with Big Daddy, a former cop. Lizewski discovers that in his quest lớn bring down the crime boss và his son, Big Daddy has trained his 11-year-old daughter lớn be the ruthless vigilante Hit-Girl. After its release date in March 2010, Kick-Ass met with both acclaim & controversy – the former deriving from its effective humour and style, with the latter focusing on the violence performed by a child. After being released on DVD, the movie has gained a cult following. 

A sequel, written và directed by Jeff Wadlow & produced by Vaughn, was released in August 2013, with Moretz reprising her role. In this follow-up, Lizewski enrols in a vigilante team called ‘Justice Forever’ as Hit-Girl tries living a regular life. Kick-Ass 2 outgrossed its $30 million budget, although it failed to lớn meet expectations as critics deemed it inferior lớn its predecessor. In 2018, Vaughn announced his intentions lớn reboot the series. However, Moretz then confirmed her time with the superhero saga was over. This choice is partially due to the time between the first & second films, as Moretz had aged three years, transforming from an adolescent lớn a young woman.

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Speaking at the Provincetown Film Festival in 2018, the star revealed her overall experience with the films and that she planned to lớn move on from them. “I love the franchise, I think the first movie was really, really special,” the actor shared. “I wish the second one had been handled in a little bit of a different way. Because I think we were all kind of looking forward to something a little different than what happened with it all.” Moretz’s statement showcases that some of the cast even agree with the critics. They acknowledged that the sequel lacked some of what the first film thrived in. 

Moretz adds: “As much as I love the character of Hit-Girl, I think she lives và survives in Kick-Ass, và I kind of want to keep her there. I kinda wanna keep everyone’s mind in Kick-Ass. So I don’t think there will be a Kick-Ass 3, at least I don’t think with Hit-Girl in it.” During her time as Hit-Girl, the actor also appeared in the second film adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie in the leading role & another vigilante action flick, The Equalizer. After Kick-Ass 2 và the announcement she would be “re-assessing” her onscreen appearances, Moretz starred in Desiree Akhavan’s sentimental drama The Miseducation of Cameron Post & Neil Jordan’s thriller Greta

The actor’s most recent film appearance was as Georgia in the post-apocalyptic thriller Mother/Android, directed by Mattson Tomlin for his feature directorial debut. Moretz is currently working on the upcoming animated sci-fi comedy Nimona, in which she voices the lead character alongside Riz Ahmed và Eugene Lee Yang as supporting voices. The film, directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, is scheduled for a 2023 release on Netflix

Chloë Grace Moretz experienced a different cấp độ of fame và success after playing Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass.


Chloë Grace Moretz has been a Hollywood staple for over a decade. While she’s been acting as long as she can remember, it’s safe to lớn say that Moretz’s mainstream breakthrough came courtesy of 2010’s Kick-Ass. Playing the mature và skillful Hit-Girl endeared her khổng lồ millions of moviegoers, but getting fame và success so early caused a privacy problem for the Tom & Jerry star. Years after starring in the film, Moretz got candid about her chaotic paparazzi experiences following her breakthrough role.

The Kick-Ass 2 star spent the past decade starring in notable films, including The EqualizerNeighbors 2, but it appears that playing Hit-Girl stuck with her in a surreal way. Of course, Chloë Grace Moretz does remember her life before achieving Hollywood fame. The 25-year-old actress lived the life of a regular kid despite being a child actor. She opened up to lớn Hunger about how being in the superhero comedy led lớn a dangerous moment between her family & the photogs.

It is kind of a distant memory, in the sense that I was a kid and 90 of the time no one would really bother me. But after Kick-Ass, the first time I experienced paparazzi, it was 10 khổng lồ 15 adult guys surrounding a 12-year-old girl. They pushed my mom và she ended up falling into traffic – she didn’t get hurt, but the situation was really chaotic. It’s an assault on all the senses, with screaming và flashes. I got into the car afterwards & I just burst into tears. I think that’s my marker of before and after.

Despite becoming an A-lister at 12 years old, she recalled being “blissfully unaware" of her celebrity. The intrusive nature of the paparazzi didn’t really hit her until much later. The moment happened after doing a red-carpet event at age 18. It shifted Moretz"s perspective on the reciprocal nature of celebrity & media. She recalled the existential crisis she experienced, saying:

I remember the day I became aware of it. & it hit me lượt thích a ton of bricks. I was 18 và doing a red carpet. I walked off of it & I felt so much self- loathing và was really confused about the experience that just went down. I was really unwell after that. There was this complete jarring shift in my consciousness, I questioned who I was. What am I doing? Who am I? Why am I doing this? Like, what does this mean?

Chloë Grace Moretz"s identity crisis led to seeking therapy to giảm giá with her private and public personas colliding. Being filmed every minute or hour started lớn take its toll on the Suspiria actress’s self-esteem và identity. Age 18 can be a life-changing time for any young person, especially someone famous since early adolescence. There’s endless questioning around one’s identity and purpose as you shift from a child lớn an adult. It puts Moretz"s withdrawal from several high-profile projects in 2016 in a new perspective. At age 25, she called acting another khung of therapy for dealing with her fame and notoriety.

Things appear to lớn be better for Chloë Grace Moretz as her acting career thrives. She is set to appear in the Netflix animated film Nimona, which will premiere in 2023. You can watch the film with a Netflix subscription when it debuts. On the TV front, the Hollywood actress will headline the sci-fi series The Peripheral, which will debut on Amazon Prime on October 21. Get an Amazon Prime clip subscription khổng lồ watch the series on its release date.

While Chloë Grace Moretz won’t be on the big screen in 2022, there are still upcoming movies lớn look forward khổng lồ seeing this year. Just stream Kick-Ass on HBO Max khổng lồ see why it"s one of the best non-Marvel or DC superhero movies.

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