Imouto sae Ireba Ii. Vol 1 Chapter 1

Imouto Sae Ireba ii 1 Chapter 1The Light Novel tác giả is a crazed siscon!

"Onii-chan wakie wakie~"

I opened my eyes lớn the gentle voice, và before me stands Alice, completely naked.

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Turning 14 this year, my imouto Alice, with silky golden hair atop a face of dazzling red pupils not unlike a ruby, a truly indescribable beauty.

"Nn...ohayou Alice."

Still a bit dazed from just waking up, I greeted a giggling Alice.

"Onii-chan still looks a bit sleepy hya~ Somethings needs khổng lồ be done khổng lồ such energy deprived Onii-chan— ”

My imouto"s face rapidly advances towards mine, và then — chuu


As Alice presses her heavenly soft lips to mine, I was instantly awake.

"Are you awake now? Onii-chan."

With a mischievous smile, one can see a tinge of red surfacing on her cheeks.

"I specially prepared a handmade breakfast for you today. So hurry up before it gets cold~."

"Ahh I got it."

The stark nude Alice nodded her head happily in response, quickly exiting the room with her perfectly round butt swaying khổng lồ her rhythm.

Even though it is a morning scene repeated countless times by now, it is a routine that never grows old.

Wanting to taste the breakfast my imouto had personally prepared, I bolted into the restroom she had gone into before, washed my face from the water left over from her bath, & dried it with her still warm bra.

I made my way towards the dining table, surprised that Yoshiko who was supposed lớn be dead from what happened yesterday was present.

"Here Onii-chan, eat up~"

The patiently waiting Alice prompted me with a smile.

"Oh. Itadakima~su"

Alice"s egg omelette is an excellent piece of art just like each and every before. Her delicious milk also turned over the general concept of milk itself.

My Imouto"s freshly produced eggs with her squeezed milk is really something else.

"Ah, Onii-chan, you got ketchup around your mouth~. Can"t be helped nya~. Ehhhto...something to wipe with...something khổng lồ wipe with..."

Alice got a pair of recently worn panties from the gate of the Parallel World and proceeded lớn clean my mouth.

I was assaulted with the sweet fragrance of my imouto from the Parallel World.

I really want khổng lồ eat these panties...


Ohtto, I caught it in my mouth.

munch munch nibble nibble.

My imouto"s panties are really delicious~~

Alice looks on towards me with a slightly troubled face as I unconsciously finished her whole panties.

"Mou~ If Onii-chan wants lớn eat panties so bad then I"ll have to lớn prepare more than enough stir-fried freshly worn panties with milk won"t I? Please look forward to lunch~!"



"wuah?! Wh-what"s this all of a sudden??"

The shocked Itsuki asks the source of the sudden shriek, Toki, who had also slammed the manuscript onto the table in surprise.

"Don"t ’What"s this all of a sudden" me! ...wh,what"s with this insane world... I think something may be wrong with the brain here..."

Toki commented in a rough voice.

"Fu...Seems like the masterpiece drawn up by your"s truly, has impressed you greatly."

"Th,This...freaking idiot..."

Toki"s face twisted in disgust as Itsuki folded his arms and grinned arrogantly.

Itsuki —— Hashima Itsuki, a light novel author.

20 years old as of today, a slightly smaller build. Although he"s not doing so good with eyesight, what"s left of the innocence in his face is covered up by a shameless expression that is capable of ticking off anyone anywhere at anytime.

Itsuki had been using his real name to lớn sign off his works since he does not have a pen name.

The other individual, Toki Genjirou, is the editor in charge of Itsuki, 26 years old as of today.

Dressed in a suit with glasses, he has the look of a real man.

The light novel author & the editor, in what is known as an arranged meeting.

Though it could be done through mail or by phone, it was also possible for Itsuki lớn meet with Toki face lớn face, with the old fashioned printout manuscript and the observation of the reader"s reactions.

The two of them are inside Itsuki"s apartment. Because the apartment building was located only a mere 5 minute walk from the Publisher"s office where Toki worked, it was not so uncommon for them to meet like this.

".....Just lớn make sure....this is, without question, the manuscript for the 2nd chapter of "The Scarlet Jäger (Name Subjected to change)", right?"

Toki inquired with a worn out voice.

"Of course."

Toki"s face distorted as Itsuki answered without missing a beat.

".....I-isn"t it weird—? Chapter 2 starts with the heroine appearing randomly in the protagonist"s house, while she supposedly died from saving him from the devil in chapter 1? Isn"t this a bit...too..."

"Fu, Too perfect right? It beautifully follows the plotline."

"Where in hell does this even remotely connect khổng lồ the original plotline?!"

Itsuki frowned a bit as Toki frustratingly slams down on the table

"Isn"t a good surprise for the protagonist following the plot? The one who supposedly died yesterday....ehhhto....what was the name again..."

"Why of all things would you forget the name of your own main heroine?! It"s Yoshiko! Yoshiko!! Also, what are you going to vày for the name of the Jäger fighting battles in the dark world...... Well....It"s true that at first "Surprised that Yoshiko who was supposed to be dead from what happened yesterday was present." seems out of place, but I guess it"s a pretty innovative style of writing...though those who aren"t careful readers might not feel the same."

"Yare yare.......Editors are easily troubled by those things eh? Don"t worry, I have taken measures inside the story so that if the readers didn"t notice, at the end, they will say "There wasn"t any foreshadowing" or "The story was pretty rough"."

"How is that supposed to lớn be of any reassurance?!"

Toki roughened his voice at a slightly sighing Itsuki, fuu............................................................. With this breathing has finally calmed down.

".......While Yoshiko"s reappearance seems lớn be standing out the most, the biggest problem isn"t that though."


As Toki tapped the manuscript firmly with his middle finger,

"What is with this new character called Alice!? I haven"t heard anything about a character lượt thích this being part of the story!"

"The protagonist"s imouto. In the character description, it clearly states that he had a little sister."

"The words really flow out of your mouth heh?! Not much else was written about her so I thought she was merely a small supporting character...........Just what is this monster.......!!"

"Kawaii level monster? Fuhaha isn"t she!"

"That"s not it idiot!! Ahhh Kuso!! First off, it"s already weird enough that her mặc định was stark nude, but...isn"t there something terribly wrong with this depiction?? A naked figure appearing from a hazy view suddenly, such high level exposition skills!! & on đứng đầu of it all the protagonists just naturally dries his face with his imouto"s bra and proceeds lớn eat her pantsu, what an inconceivable hentai....no, he is definitely 100% kichigai ! …...I"m just asking now, but what exactly was the typo between bread and pantsu about...?”<1>

“What a foolish question, such highly skilled author such as I would not make such a newbie mistake.”

“Isn"t that right damn it!! …..Anyways this "Milk of Alice" thing is...”

“It"s just lượt thích how I wrote it, the milk comes from the breasts of Alice. It"s very appetizing.”

“And these "Eggs of Alice"....?”

“Freshly produced by Alice, it"s 10x more delicious that what you can imagine, almost on the same màn chơi as caviar. …..Not that I like caviar that much lớn begin with though.”

“hahaha, as I expected, this protagonist along with his imouto are both totally demented psychos! và then the most kichigai one would be yourself who created these characters! Even though from the beginning you described the protagonist as "A normal highschool student who was born into and grew up in an ordinary household"”! Yet at the spotlight of this lunatic household is the demented heroine who overshadowed the main antagonist himself from the moment she appeared!”

With his anger billowing as high as a tsunami, even Itsuki himself had lớn twitch an eyebrow.

“Mwu..... Now that you went & said it...I guess the part about the eggs & milk is a "little" overboard.... But as a fictional action story I thought that "somewhat" surreal details are within the boundaries...”

“"A little"...? "Somewhat"...?”

Then, to a trembling Toki,

“Isn"t it often the case? For example, the protagonist"s relative is actually a legendary adventurer, or the only surviving successor to an ancient art of warfare, và offers lớn pass it onto our hero.”

“Did you not think at all how crazy traits such as producing eggs or eating panties would fit in the standard configuration of an action manga...!”

As Toki rubs his temples out of frustration, Itsuki continues on timidly,

“....B, but, going into the washroom your imouto was in previously & washing your face with the leftover water, isn"t it common for households with imoutos?”

“I"ll be damned khổng lồ hell if this was true for even a split second! You crazed siscon!!”

Toki cried out with all his strength.


Hashima Itsuki, 16 years old—Debuting during his 2nd year of highschool after winning the annual new comer"s competition, from then on in 3 years time, he had 5 singles and 3 whole series, totaling khổng lồ around trăng tròn books in all published.

Though he has completed stories before his debut, still being able khổng lồ publish 20 books in 3 years time is a really impressive feat, and because he was able khổng lồ work at such a fast pace without losing any unique in his works, he has been picking up fans left and right.

He has also been featured repeatedly in the vị trí cao nhất 10 of the weekly original nội dung ranking, arguably making him one of the most popular light novel authors in japan.

Writing speed, imagination, Story organization, character design, Itsuki possesses everything essential khổng lồ a successful writing career—but, his recent works doesn"t seem khổng lồ be selling as well as his previous ones.

In every one of his works, the main heroine is the "Imouto".

Even though the imouto character is a pretty safe route and albeit a popular one khổng lồ take, readers will start lớn get tired & eventually say “This again?”.

Itsuki himself had resolved to make his heroines "The imouto that stands out from all imoutos", and so as his works grew in numbers, the heroines quickly became "peaky". Recently, the affectionate views towards the protagonist"s imouto spreaded like wildfire, and hooked readers did not grow in small numbers.

And on top of this, Itsuki strived for another major breakthrough, abandoning his old style of "Heroine Imouto" & challenged himself lớn create a new style of character. With this, and partially because of Toki"s insistence, he created a new series called "The Scarlet Jäger (Name subjected to change)". However, it seems lượt thích it only amounted to a creation of a terrifying monster.<2>

"Geez...His siscon tendencies are really troublesome..."

Toki Genjirou sighed repeatedly while on the road back khổng lồ the publisher"s office. In the cold January weather, his breath could be seen. Then,

"Ah, Toki-san, konnichiwa."

The owner of the clear voice was a teenager with a smaller build và a wind breaker.

Swinging from his arms were groceries from a nearby supermarket.

"Aa, Chihiro-kun, konnichiwa."

Toki returned the greeting.

"I just met with your brother in his apartment."

"Is that so? Thank you for always taking care of him."

"You"re too kind."

Teenage boy—Hashima Chihiro, Itsuki"s kid brother.

1st year of highschool. With semi-short đen hair và a smooth white face, he is very pleasing khổng lồ the eye. In Itsuki"s words, an academic genius and very capable in sports, he is almost comparable to tráng sĩ himself.

The residence of Itsuki"s parents are đôi mươi minutes away by bus. Chihiro often makes the trip khổng lồ help around the apartment of his brother, và so has met Toki before.

"Did you come to lớn make dinner tonight?"

"Yes, that is correct."

"........Geez, Itsuki really has a very caring brother, I"m starting lớn get a little jealous."

As Toki inadvertently said out loud what he was thinking, Chihiro"s face deepened in color. "...Such things...it"s not like that..."

Chihiro muttered in embarrassment

"Well then, I"ll take my leave. Please continue to support my brother."

Chihiro bidded farewell politely as he turned to lớn walk towards Itsuki"s apartment.

As Toki looked on to the shrinking figure, he began thinking.

He is barely a highschool student yet already has such courtesy, whether be it a lax or sober situation. He also possess such advanced skill in gourmet, & already so responsible as lớn tend lớn his slothful brother. He really is the perfect little brother khổng lồ have.

"....If Chihiro-kun wasn"t born as a boy but as a girl, Maybe Itsuki wouldn"t have turned out lớn be such a siscon.... If only he had a little sister(Imouto sae ireba)....no. I can"t ignore the fact that if that was the case, Itsuki might not have become an author.....This is an unexpectedly tough question to answer."


A few minutes after the meeting with Toki,

Itsuki opened the front door at the ringing of the chime. Because they had agreed before hand, Itsuki knew about Chihiro"s arrival.





With an opening conversation that can"t even be classified as such, Itsuki invited Chihiro inside.

Even though they are brothers, there exists an awkward atmosphere between them.

Their relationship started after Itsuki"s father had married Chihiro"s mother 3 years ago——The same year as Itsuki"s debut.

In their 2nd year of Highschool & 1st year of Middleschool, the period where emotions start khổng lồ surface, they were thrusted together & told they were brothers.

Not sure how to accept this fact, at first they merely considered the other khổng lồ be an individual whom they shared the house with.

When Itsuki enrolled in college and moved out, the statues quo was broken.

Even though the college itself was a mere 10 minutes from the house, for the reason of working on his novels while commuting to lớn school......he independently rented a room of an apartment building.

In the end he dropped out of college in the middle of the first year, but because the publisher"s office is nearly, he continued to lớn live in that apartment.

Chihiro started coming over khổng lồ Itsuki"s apartment from the very start, bringing along bags of rice and other sustenances, but after Itsuki dropped out Chihiro began coming more often, & even extended services lớn include making meals & cleaning around the house.

After becoming a full time writer, Itsuki picked up his pace once again và began writing at amazing speed. But at the same time his living habits also dropped in quality, with his everyday rythm being scrambled và falling apart, his room gradually reached the point where the mess can no longer be ignored.

"It"ll be done soon so please be patient until then."


The apron equipped Chihiro expertly handled the kitchen utensils và tools và began on the cooking.

"katakata", sounds of Itsuki writing his light novel on his notebook computer could be heard while he glanced sideways at Chihiro. Chihiro finished after 30 minutes và the two brothers gathered at the table.

"Itadakimasu." "Itadakimasu."

After the two of them said thanks with their hands together, they began lớn dig in.

Stir-fried shrimp in chili sauce, Hachita Karana, và fried rice. It really is quite the complete meal, and the unique of the food is also đứng đầu class. The chopsticks quickly began picking clean the plates.

Chihiro couldn"t help but allow a slight smile surface as he looked on towards his brother eagerly feasting away. It"s only eating dinner, yet somehow it seems as if it would make an award winning picture.

Attractive face and figure, straight As in school, sports prodigy, amazing chef, responsible around the house, và gentle mannered. Chihiro possesses all these traits, it wouldn"t be much of an exaggeration to gọi him the perfect human being.

As a brother, no, as a man, it is impossible for Itsuki to lớn suppress his inferiority complex.

As a result, sometimes Itsuki unintentionally becomes a bit stingy.

"......Hey Chihiro. Every time I see you you"re working harder than the last, don"t you have anything else better khổng lồ do? For example....a date with your girlfriend?"

Chihiro"s expression sobered a bit.

"I don"t have such things."

"Is that so."


Chihiro isn"t the unpopular type, so it"s not that he can"t, but more like he won"t.

"Why don"t you?"

".....I don"t really have a reason khổng lồ have one."

For some reason Chihiro pouted a bit as he said that.

"Even more...I"m worried about you Onii-san."

"I, I don"t need you khổng lồ worry at all!"

Chihiro sighed slightly.

"......I wouldn"t have to lớn worry if Onii-san would become more responsible và take care of yourself."

"I, I can already vày so."

"Can you? 3 meals a day, you cannot only consume cup noodles, but you will have lớn cook for yourself và eat the sufficient number of vegetables. You will have to clean the room, wash dishes, separate the waste according khổng lồ its type......e, ecchi books and games will have khổng lồ be organized too."

"I, I can bởi vì it...."

"You can"t."

Chihiro denied it right away.

"Onii-san, you washed your sweater with your other clothes again right? You have to put in the right type, the right amount of detergent, select the right course, and press the right buttons."

Itsuki put on a stiff expression as he was seen through.

"Eh, co, course....? Ugu....bu, but there"s a problem Chihiro!"


"There"s no detergent! It would be too much trouble to go out và buy it as well so there"s none left at all!"

"Why bởi vì you look so self-confident.... But anyways, the detergent was always in the shelf under the wash stand."

".....Is that so?"


Chihiro sighed as his expression turned into one of slight amazement.

"......As I thought you can"t vì chưng anything without me here"

For some reason Chihiro seemed slightly cheerful as he muttered.



Translator notes và references
Jump up↑ Bread(パン) & Pantsu(パンツ) are only one character apart in Japanese. But one should never make such mistake.Jump up↑ The kanji for imouto(妹) was used, but pronounced monster. I guess in the end it"s an imouto that stands out from all imoutos after all though.

Chapter end

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Author: Yomi HirasakaIllustrator: IduCharacter Designer: KantokuPublisher: ShogakukanPublication Date: May 19, 2016Book Size: B6Number of Pages: 196Language: Japanese

Itsuki Hashima is a 20-year-old light novel tác giả who is obsessed with little sisters và makes them the heroines of all of his works. Despite his strange obsession, he is surrounded by a tight group of friends. There’s Nayuta Kani, a silver-haired, blue-eyed beauty and fellow novelist who is in love with Itsuki và often visits him; Miyako Shirakawa, a classmate of Itsuki’s from college who has a bitchy appearance và has never been in love; Setsuna Ena, a genius illustrator with a butt fetish who goes by the pen name “Puriketsu” và who adores Itsuki; Haruto Fuwa, a fellow male novelist who debuted at the same time as Itsuki và is both his good friend & rival; Kaiko Mikuniyama, an artist with an underwear fetish who is adapting Itsuki’s novel into a manga; Ashley Ono, a brilliant but sadistic tax accountant; Kenjiro Toki, his drunkard editor; and Chihiro, his perfect, dependable younger “stepbrother” who is actually a girl và who takes care of the housework. Together, they have fun & celebrate each other’s successes while each struggles to lớn realize their own dreams in this lãng mạn comedy by Yomi Hirasaka.

Notice: This book is written in Japanese.

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