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So there are some mixed opinions about My Country that I would like to give my two-cents on:First, if you are choosing lớn watch this drama due to lớn historical context reenactments, you might be disappointed because it is fictitious rendition of the historical events, so creative liberties have been taken. Personally, I didn"t mind the changes and/or omissions of history lớn suit the drama because I was more interested in the fiction of the story rather than the history being presented. Second, there have been some people who have said that they really didn"t find the music to lớn be fitting for the tone of the drama. I completely và wholeheartedly disagree. I think ALL of the music was exceptionally fitting and helped really build the scenes. Even though there was some EDM, rock, và bagpipes in the OST"s, they all blended well, and none of them took away from the drama.Now that I got those out of the way...____________________________________________________________________________________________What was amazing:The friendship felt between Hwi & Seon-Ho was impeccably powerful. Their friendship lasted through the good times và the horrific times. There was a brotherly love they hold for each other that motivated them to lớn fight & die for each other. I loved every moment of it. Especially when they only had bad và worse options to choose from - it was hard lớn watch, but you can"t help but keep watching it happen.Writers did a great job blurring the lines between "good" & "bad." A lot of times in historical dramas, all the main characters are "good guys" và the opposing các buổi party is clearly the "bad guys" - there are no blurred lines. But this drama is deeper than that. It very powerfully demonstrates that when you believe that what you"re doing is best for those you love, it"s not "wrong" or "bad" just the best option out of the choices you have. The plot in regards to good vs. Evil was so well crafted. There were only some characters that I truly thought were bastards (such as Seon-Ho"s father), but for the most part, I could see where they were coming from and couldn"t hate them for it. Which leads me khổng lồ my next point...I ADORE Seon-Ho. Yes, he made some really awful decisions that put Hwi through some really horrible things, but they were the best decisions be could make in trying khổng lồ protect Hwi and Yeon. And he tortured himself every day knowing what he did to his best friend & sister. So no, I couldn"t hate him, not once. He was actually my favorite character. I think the writers also did a really good job of writing a story that WASN"T about people fighting over the throne for themselves. The main characters are trying lớn protect what they view as "their country" but they go about it in vastly different ways. Và they vì chưng indeed have very different ideas as to what their "country" is too. The writers did a great job writing about historical figures that got mixed up with royalty, but it wasn"t about them being king and instead about them surviving in their respective worlds._______________________________________________________________________________While I really enjoyed this drama, I vày need to address some issues:Unnecessary romance - I am usually ALL about the romance, but honestly, the romance between Hwi and Hui Jae was unnecessary (it reminded me of Hwarang"s romance, lớn give comparison). I don"t think it was very well developed at all (we were just meant khổng lồ acknowledge that they love each other & fight to lớn the death for one another after only 3 or 4 encounters). Personally, the story would have still been just as great without the added romance. Battle wounds - Simply put, characters recovered really quickly và easily from mortal blows during battle. Some characters would be stabbed through-and-through và would be able lớn fight within a couple of days with little issue or ride a horse for hours without issue. *shrugs* It"s a plot convenience, I know, but highly unrealistic. It didn"t distract me much from the drama, but I feel like, either make the battle wounds more realistic to fit the intended plot or have the characters suffer the actual battle wounds given. Hwi"s character development (specifically in comparison khổng lồ Seon-Ho) - Seon-Ho was extremely well-written with lots of gray areas - he had lớn make a lot of horrible decisions, live with his choices, & fight for what he thought was right, constantly evolving. Hwi felt lượt thích the weaker written main character, lacking the same amount of depth that Seon-Ho was given. I know that they are different characters, but I would have really liked to lớn witness Hwi experience the same amount of depth in plot realizations that Seon-Ho had even though their experiences were obviously different.______________________________________________________________________________I would lượt thích to sincerely compliment all the actors in the drama - they were all wonderful and powerful in their roles. But I would lượt thích to say that Woo Do-Hwan stood out exceptionally to me. He is exceptionally handsome, especially in historical attire (LOVED the long hair on him). Và he simply did the most amazing portrayal of his character. Again, all actors were amazing, but he stood out lớn me the most. Bởi vì you realize how hard it is to lớn have a man cry & truly portray the emotion without the audience giggling at the silliness of it on screen? Woo Do-Hwan portrayed Seon-Ho"s emotions on all fronts with expert precision - you could truly feel his character"s pain, turmoil, grief, và sincere love for not only Hwi, but Yeon even after her death. I will definitely be seeking out the dramas I"ve yet lớn see with him. Ending: I don"t like tragedies in general & typically avoid them. I started this drama before it was complete and got hooked before the drama was tagged as a "tragedy." Nonetheless, I really liked this drama. The ending makes sense và I"m not upset about it being a tragedy. I say this lớn hopefully give courage lớn those people reading this who are unsure about the "tragedy" tag.Rewatch Value: Yes! I will definitely rewatch! I don"t watch too many historical dramas, but this one is incredibly fast-paced and the story is worth witnessing again (tragedy or not). This drama is not for everyone và definitely more targeted for more seasoned K-drama watchers. It"s got some heavy plot & turmoil, bloody battles, little-to-no romance, and a tragic ending - all of which aren"t usually mainstreamed. But, if the trailer intrigues you, perhaps give the first episode a shot - that"s all it took for me khổng lồ get hooked!

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Set during the kết thúc of the Goryeo period to the early Joseon period. Two friends aim their swords against one another due to lớn differences in opinion about "my country."

À la fin de la dynastie Goryeo, Seo Hwi, fils du commandant de la province et grand guerrier, se fâche avec son ami nam giới Sun Ho, jeune homme brillant mais issu des classes populaires. Tous deux vont pourtant devoir protéger leur pays...

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Aliases mon Pays

고려 말 조선 초를 배경으로 각자의 신념이 말하는 '나의 나라'를 두고 서로에게 칼끝을 겨누며 권력과 수호에 관한 욕망을 폭발적으로 그려낸 액션 사극

Aliases Naui Nara

No final vị período Goryeo, a Coreia se dividiu entre os lideres que proclamavam uma nova era e as pessoas comuns que arriscavam tudo o que tinham.

En el ocaso del período Goryeo, algunos se encargan de proclamar la llegada de una nueva era, mientras otros arriesgan todo sin importar las consecuencias.

Lấy toàn cảnh cuối thời kỳ Goryeo cho đầu thời Joseon. Nhị người chúng ta nhắm kiếm của mình chống lại nhau bởi vì sự khác biệt về quan điểm về “Quê Hương”.Seo Hwi (Yang Se-Jong) là một trong những chiến binh. Thân phụ của anh Seo Geom là một lãnh đạo nổi tiếng. Seo Hwi không thỏa hiệp khi chạm mặt bất công. Cuộc sống thường ngày của anh trở thành một cuộc sống đời thường địa ngục, tuy nhiên anh vẫn giữ nụ cười.Nam Sun-Ho (Woo Do-Hwan) là một nhân trang bị thông minh và tài năng. Vì bà mẹ anh ra đời thuộc tầng lớp thấp nhất, nam giới Sun-Ho bị người khác coi thường. Anh ấy muốn vượt qua kỳ thi nghĩa vụ quân sự. Vị một vụ bê bối tham nhũng liên quan đến thân phụ mình, nam Sun-Ho mất giấc mơ. Tạo nên mọi lắp thêm tồi tệ hơn, anh ta xung tự dưng với Seo Hwi vị một sự hiểu lầm.

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Alla fine del periodo Goryeo c'era chi guidava l'attacco per proclamare una nuova era... E la gente comune che rischiava ogni cosa.

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363704 Status Ended Airs Friday, Saturday, at 11:00pm Average Runtime 76 minutes Original Country South Korea Original Language Korean Episode Screenshot Format 16:9 Screencap Favorited This series has been favorited by 18 people. Created May 8, 2019 by

Yang Se-jong as Seo Hwi


Woo Do-hwan as phái nam Sun-ho


Kim Seol-hyun as Han Hui-jae


Jang Hyuk as Yi Bang-won


Kim Yeong-cheol as Yi Seong-gye